Romualdina’s #dressTIPS arrives: designer from Reggio Calabria, Rosanna Zolfo inaugurates web-site for style tips

An elephant sitting with low-waisted jeans, revealing a bit of her panties. An aphorism by Oscar Wilde, that says everything that needs to be said about the fashion world: “Fashion is what one wears: fashion isn’t what others wear.” Rosanna Zolfo, the fashion designer from Reggio who created the Romualdina brand, chooses a new formula to inaugurate her blog-column on her new website, It’s called #dressTIPS, and it’s a new way to share the passion for fashion, which has become a real profession.

«Yes but. .. it’s the fashion now!» Explains Rosanna Zolfo. “How many times have I heard that repeated when I tried to advise my friends about certain looks? Since I presented in Reggio the #collezioneR the situation has been reversed, thanks to the social media: many girls ask me for advice, now used in this global and virtual world where fashion bloggers dictate the rules of “must-haves.” The choice to start sharing tips on how to understand and use fashion arises from the certainty that each of us must build their own way of being and dressing: we can not, we must not accept just any clothes, even if we are feeling sick. We must be aware when making purchases and putting together  combinations.

And above all we must know how to play with the leaders in order to make them always different. My #dressTIPS, “tips for getting dressed” are first of all answers to the most usual questions. And then they are also advice for purchases, of course: Romualdina, offers thirteen very versatile items, designed just to allow each to unleash their emotions and their style without giving up being chic ». Casual-chic is the mood of the #collezioneR: a tribute to Reggio, its sunsets, its seafront, the crystals that shine on the sea, that always returns to the creations of Rosanna Zolfo.

The site, in line from Saturday, now online has already recorded not only national visits but also from Europe and overseas. Structured in a fresh and quick way, it is not and does not want to be a showcase, but a real way of sharing a passion for fashion. And for the beauty of Reggio Calabria. In addition to the #dressTIPS section and the pages dedicated to the collection, provides sections for news and press coverage.

Is it still possible to celebrate Reggio Calabria and its best? Definitely yes, judging by the initial feedback.