Extraordinary opening of archaeological and cultural sites during “European Heritage Days” in Reggio Calabria

22 September 2017

It concludes with the extraordinary opening of the archaeological sites off Reggio Calabria, next Saturday and Sunday, September 23rd and 24th, a program that allowed tourists and visitors during the entire summer season to delve deeper into the discovery of the treasures and the archaeological-cultural of Reggio. Also in conjunction with the European Day of […]

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Cut of Ribbon for “Zankle e Rhegion. Due città a controllo dello Stretto” at the MaRC

19 September 2017

The history of the arm of the sea that separates Calabria and Sicily and the two large cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea will be at the center of the new exhibition “Zankle e Rhegion. Due città a controllo dello Stretto,” (Messina and Reggio.  The two cities that control the Strait) ready for inauguration on Wednesday, […]

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Until Sunday, October 29, 2017, at MACA “INTERACTIVE ART, “The spectator in play”

18 September 2017

The MACA (Contemporary Art Museum of Acri) hosts an important exhibition dedicated to the Interactive Art world, which found its beginnings with pioneers in the 1960s, arriving now at more recent artists who are examining the relationship between artwork and the spectator, often using the most innovative technologies of their time. The exhibition, housed in […]

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In Piazza Orsi, the exhibition of perfumery in the ancient world at the MaRC

10 August 2017

Leading visitors on a journey into the world of perfumes and aromas of the classical age is the objective of the exhibition “Aroma, Perfumes and Ointments in Ancient times,” curated by Carmelo Malacrino and Damiano Pisarra, which will be inaugurated Thursday, August 10th at 9pm in Piazza Orsi, at the National Archaeological Museum in Reggio […]

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Enrichment of the heritage of the MaRC library and tomorrow night dedicated to the kids!

19 July 2017

Various new activities continue at the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria which complement current cultural offerings, rendering it even more accessible to visitors as well as researchers and scholars. In fact, the preparations for the public opening of the library are well underway, which will now be equipped with new furnishings and equipment. There […]

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