Masseria Fornara and the rice from the plains of Sibari: lesson in eco-sustainability

9 October 2017

The development of ecological sustainability in the territories of southern Italy and the Mediterranean is closely linked to food sovereignty: The greater or lesser capacity that local communities can demonstrate to culturally and economically appropriate their own natural resources. Therefore, to build through this actual added value, capable of generating and sharing endogenous wealth, distinguishing […]

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New initiative, BIORTILIA: fresh from farm to table

29 September 2017

A giant pumpkin, almost record-sized at 36 kg; Sibari tomatoes, elongated aubergines, and basil are the main ingredient to prepare a scented and authentic pesto; freshly picked walnuts and chilli pepper of the Amando variety, are among the protagonists of this period devoted to preserves for the winter. Then, the black tomato, rich in antioxidants […]

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Slow Food: 100% fruit juice in schools

15 September 2017

Now that multinational companies have voluntarily decided to withdraw their cans of sugary, high calorie soft drinks from secondary school vending machines by next year, we believe that this provides the perfect excuse for Calabrian companies to offer to provide the schools in this region with the best agro-food beverages from our area. In fact, […]

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Vinarius meets Cirò

14 September 2017

From Sunday to Tuesday, 15 representatives of Vinarius, the association of Italian wine shops, found themselves in the land of Cirò to see first-hand the production of wine, the vineyards, the historical companies and the young people who guide the revolution and the fermentation Calabrian wine. Driven by Andrea Terraneo, chairman of the association, they […]

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The Head of Basel restoration workshop opens at MArRC

13 September 2017

There is great anticipation for the opening of the restoration workshop for the Head of Basilea, scheduled for Thursday, September 14, at 6pm, at the National Archaeological Museum in Reggio Calabria. After the success of the restoration of the Knight of Casa Marafioti, brought back to the original beauty thanks to the Restituzioni project and […]

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On vacation in Calabria? Know your local fish! “Occhio Ai Menu Estivi!”

25 July 2017

Are you on holiday in Calabria and you can’t wait to enjoy a plate of good fish? The famous grilled shrimp?  Actually frozen, originating in Argentina. The classic fried calamari? Also they frozen and sourced from the oceanic shelf. Sea bass and orata?  Almost always from fish farms, and mostly Greek in origin. The inevitable […]

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Cosenza streets, squares, monuments, churches and museums on Infonight’s new multilingual map

6 July 2017

It’s essentially a contribution to the development of touristic offerings by the city of Cosenza, the project “Cosenza Map,” a map that sets out the cultural path of the bruzio capital in the form of a decisively original artistic work by Patrizia Pichierri. Above all, it is a project that was born out of the […]

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Don Abruzzini and the Church as a social solidarity laboratory

23 June 2017

Calabria is best known for its beautiful sea, but it is also rich with hundreds of small villages that define and characterize it. Some are well known on an international scale, while others are lesser known, but not because they are any less interesting.  We went to the presila cosentina to explore “other places” and […]

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