On vacation in Calabria? Know your local fish! “Occhio Ai Menu Estivi!”

25 July 2017

Are you on holiday in Calabria and you can’t wait to enjoy a plate of good fish? The famous grilled shrimp?  Actually frozen, originating in Argentina. The classic fried calamari? Also they frozen and sourced from the oceanic shelf. Sea bass and orata?  Almost always from fish farms, and mostly Greek in origin. The inevitable […]

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Cosenza streets, squares, monuments, churches and museums on Infonight’s new multilingual map

6 July 2017

It’s essentially a contribution to the development of touristic offerings by the city of Cosenza, the project “Cosenza Map,” a map that sets out the cultural path of the bruzio capital in the form of a decisively original artistic work by Patrizia Pichierri. Above all, it is a project that was born out of the […]

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Don Abruzzini and the Church as a social solidarity laboratory

23 June 2017

Calabria is best known for its beautiful sea, but it is also rich with hundreds of small villages that define and characterize it. Some are well known on an international scale, while others are lesser known, but not because they are any less interesting.  We went to the presila cosentina to explore “other places” and […]

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An agreement by the National Park Authority of Sila and Municipality of Longobucco for the Valorization of Mining Sites

9 May 2017

The agreement was signed between the National Park Authorities of Sila and the Municipality of Longobucco for the “Valorization of Longobucco Mining Sites” (Trail n. 48 PNS – 513 CAI). At the signing were present Director Dr. Giuseppe Luzzi and Engineer Domenico Cerminara for the Park Authority, and for the City of Longobucco, Mayor Dr. […]

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