Alforlab, developing a glue made with Calabrian pine bark

12 October 2017

Good news from Calabria: a new glue is being produced by using the bark of the larch pine, a long trunked tree, typical of the Calabrian forest. It’s being developed at the University of Bern (in Switzerland) and in the public-private lab, Alforlab (PON Research and Competitiveness), a body that has been established to support […]

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AlforLab presents prototype for traceability of timber from Calabria

25 September 2017

The public-private laboratory, AlforLab, created to support the forest-wood chain in Calabria with innovative technology, presented a technical-management prototype for electronic traceability of Calabrian timber (infotracing). The tool that uses radio frequency (RFID) allows one to uniquely identify an object by means of a radio tag and register the data, (through smartphones or tablets) onto […]

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National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria wins first prize for guided tour “Video Guida Lis”

14 April 2017

The National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria will be open Easter Sunday and Monday to allow art lovers and tourists to admire the rich heritage of ancient Calabria, on the occasion of the upcoming holidays. The opening, from 9am to 8pm, with last entry at 7:30pm will be proposed again for April 25th.  Just yesterday […]

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Director Malacrino relaunches former Roof Garden for the finds from Roman times to the Normans

13 April 2017

“Reggio Calabria is ripe for a museum that recounts the history of the city. Therefore it’s commendable, this initiative that has brought together some of the most significant institutions of the area for the realization of the project.” That’s how the director of the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, Carmelo Malacrino, spoke about the proposal […]

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Qatar invests in the “intelligent” anti-cancer technology of UNICAL

7 April 2017

“Having decided to invest in biotechnology, and having spent two years evaluating the potential of well over 151 companies, the Group has chosen to focus specifically on Nanosilical Devices of the University of Calabria.” Mohammed A. Al Emadi began with these words as a member of one of the most reliable of entrepreneurial families from […]

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Reggio Calabria launches “More time for you,” the banking of hours to assist others in need

7 March 2017

On the occasion of the presentation of initiatives designed to what’s being called the week of Kindness, to celebrate March 8th in the city, Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà launched “More time for you.” A mode of implementation of the provisions of the Jobs Act in relation to the possibility of banking holiday and work leave hours […]

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