Expedia and Yes Calabria team up to bring the beauty of our region to the world!

21 September 2017

Calabria according to Expedia.  The most important online travel agency in the world has entrusted to Yes Calabria, as a reference guide to the region, the organization of itineraries in the discovery of the environmental and cultural of our region. Everything started with an e-mail received in April from Australia to our e-mail address. An […]

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Majestic and imposing waterfalls immersed in lush vegetation. Calabria amazes us!

20 September 2017

When you think of Calabria, what comes to mind is a territory kissed by the sea, yet scorched by the sun. In short, an arid, almost desert landscape – given the geographical proximity to Africa – where drought reigns. However, with 3 national parks, 1 regional park and 18 nature reserves, Calabria is very much […]

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Enjoy Tropea and the Coast of Gods from another perspective with Passione Sud

29 June 2017

You must consider a holiday in Tropea, the pearl of Calabria, so beautiful you’re left without words, from its white beaches to its beautiful “aquamarine” colored coastline; think of the fascination of the imposing fortress and then … think about how one might admire it from a fresh view, perhaps that of a seagull maybe? […]

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The Grotto of Lamia, a true natural and geological treasure

27 April 2017

There are many little known places in Calabria of untouched nature, shrouded in mystery and legend, yet ideal for the adventurous and passionate explorer. One of these places is undoubtedly represented by the Grotto of Lamia, a natural outdoor museum in the underbelly of Italy. Located in the Grecanica area of the Regina province, in […]

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The Sila National Park is the star of “BorgoItalia”

1 February 2017

On Sunday, February 4th, on a variety of digital terrestrial networks, which can be viewed from the comfort of your own living room, we’ll experience the beauty of the Sila National Park. “BorgoItalia,” in episode n. 192, has in fact decided to visit the park, providing a comprehensive overview of all its attractions. The transmission, […]

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Crazy for the snow or waiting for the summer?

12 January 2017

In a region like Calabria where we are certainly more accustomed to the sun, the sea and the mild temperatures, when the thermometer drops below 10 degrees we all feel a bit disoriented, unprepared and almost in a profound existential crisis.  The first crisis is with clothing, so to speak.  The search for the heaviest […]

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A Special Vacation in Calabria!

20 December 2016

With holiday break fast approaching have you still not decided where to spend your Christmas holidays? Whether you are in the North or in the central South, get your family in the car and head to Calabria. We’re waiting for you!!! There are several routes you can take in discovering the colorful soul of this […]

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Valli Cupe: A paradise-like location in the heart of Calabria

30 September 2016

After so much about the sea, let’s dedicate a little time to nature. Calabria is one of the Italian regions that has the largest number of protected areas covering over 13% of the region with a rich variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. Places that hold a wild and adventurous charm through both the geomorphological […]

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A trip through Calabria with the new Marco Polo Guide

8 June 2016

An unpublished Calabria, rich in thousands of years of history, good food and authentically beautiful places, “The most interesting and multifaceted region of Southern Italy.”  Describing it in these words is Peter Amman, author of the new tourist guide by Marco Polo, published by EDT publishing house and dedicated to those who want “easy trips” […]

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