Giancarlo Giannini in Rossano for the presentation of a docufilm on the mystery of Codex

The type of welcome and warmth that is usually reserved for the big stars, the characters and faces that have contributed through their talents to the best Italian film production known throughout the world, is what the City had in store for Maestro Giancarlo GIANNINI in ROSSANO, the narrating voice of the the docufilm on the mystery of Codex being presented on Tuesday January 9th and 10th. Funded through CROWDFUNDING CIVICO, Rossano is the first municipality in Italy to experiment with this type of funding from below for the production of a film.

Mayor Stefano MASCARO expressed satisfaction with the public turnout and participation seen over the two days that included the actor and director of international fame. The presence of GIANNINI in our city and the start of this crowdfunding project – he reiterated – represents a dream that has been realized and has put us on the road to strategic communication, territorial marketing and overall promotion of the image of ROSSANO that, in just a year and a half, has recorded events and initiatives of international scale and scope, without precedent. The Mayor has encouraged optimism, protection of the common good; to be proactive; to savor praise and congratulations for the beautiful and positive things that are being done.

Praise for the imagination and creativity, territorial marketing, crowdfunding, creation of values, sharing, project credibility, transparency, social reward, culture, mystery of faith (which must remain), tourism, film tourism and the role of the Film Commision Calabria, promotion of identity markers, social finance and popular participation. These are some of the keywords that emerged during the two days.

At a meeting held yesterday, in the crowded Red Room of Palazzo San Bernardino, GIANNINI, was acclaimed and applauded from beginning to end after being visited by the mayor and the council at the Licorice Museum AMARELLI, where he met Managing Director, Fortunato AMARELLI; at the Diocesan Museum and Codex where the Bishop Giuseppe SATRIANO was waiting for him; at the EMPORIUM CAFÈ; in the CATHEDRAL dedicated to the ACHIROPITA of which the President of the Trekking Rossano Club Lorenzo CARA provided historical background; at the historical Caffè TAGLIAFERRI to be delighted by the cake made especially for him by the master pastry chef Massimiliano TAGLIAFERRI.

Coordinated by Lenin MONTESANTO, and in addition to the Mayor, the Bishop and GIANNINI who answered questions from the public, there was also Director Fabio BASTIANELLO and General Manager, Fabio SIMONELLI of ULULE ITALIA, the world’s best performing crowdfunding platform in terms of success rate (almost 70%), with over 98 MILLION collection and 21,000 projects financed, of which more than 14 MILLION was raised for the video/docufilm sector, with the aim of combining digitalization and territorial markers. Begìhind the scenes were interviews and cuts from the films that have helped make known the skill, professionalism and versatility of GIANNINI. From the salient scenes of TRAVOLTI DA UN INSOLITO DESTINO NELL’AZZURRO MARE D’AGOSTO by Lina WERTMÜLLER to the participation in international projects such as the dubbing of Jack NICHOLSON in SHINING and BATMAN.

Handshakes, selfies, requests for autographs and full of compliments and appreciation. The crowd of fans and admirers rushed to greet the Maestro GIANNINI present this morning at the Liceo Scientifico, led by the school Principal, Adriana GRISPO, for the students of CORIGLIANO and ROSSANO.

In addition to General Manager SIMONELLI, Nicola FURNARI also intervened for ULULE. Starting from the civics project that will involve the company and the Municipal Administration of Rossano in the first civic crowdfunding project. They held a workshop on the platforms that allow financing, from the start, to the ideas and projects. The students and the manager GRISPO have shown interest in the topic so much to say ready to start collaborations for future initiatives through the involvement of the business network.

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