Great anticipation in Calabria for the first musical opera “Francesco de Paula”

Following the rehearsals, work continues on the new set of the Musical Opera  “Francesco de Paula,” on the life and miracles of St. Francis of Paola, which will be held at the PALACALAFIORE in Pentimele, Reggio Calabria – Friday, November 24th and Saturday, November 25th, with two performances per day: 10:30am for schools and 9:00pm for the general public.

“This is – remarks Pegna – one of the most impressive set-ups ever produced in Calabria, and dedicated to the most revered Calabrian saint in the world. An exciting musical show, somewhere between and opera and a musical, with great music, a strong visual impact that will take on 3D images and high technology solutions, new choreography, beautiful historical costumes, a prestigious cast of actors and dancers on par with the great modern musical works. I think it’s a must-see show for both students who will enjoy morning performances at a reduced price, as well as the general audience who can attend in the evenings.”

The new gigantic set designed for this work written by Maestro Francesco Perri, will be used by some of the most prestigious Italian music show: Bruno Garofalo’s scenography, Stefano Bontempi’s choreography, Silvia Polidori’s costumes, Marco Macrini’s lighting design, direction by Marco Simeoli, and production manager, Lucio Mazzoli, who has already produced the spectacular setting of the Betrothed (i Promessi Sposi).

The cast is rich, with the splendid Renato Campese, an Italian theater actor, as St. Francis. Marco Manca, who until now was part of the cast of Notre Dame De Paris, playing the young Francis; Lalo Cibelli, Virgil of the Divine Comedy, as the Devil. Soprano Annalisa Sprovieri will play the role of the mother San Francesco; Alessandra Fallucchi, Sister Spencer in the film “The Young Pope” by Paolo Sorrentino, as Brigida, sister of St. Francis,; Francesco Castiglione, who from “Un passo dal cielo,” “Che Dio ci aiuti,” and “Don Matteo 10,” will play the role of Father Paolo Rendace; Daniele Derogatis, the Casanova of the homonymous musical, will play Brother Nicola.

Among the rich cast are: Davide Carpino (Brother Angelo), Mirko Iaquinta (Brother Giovanni), Fulvia Lorenzetti (red woman), Sergio Del Prete (King of Naples), Chiara Ricca (Angel), Andrea Tanzillo (Neapolitan singer) Vito Aquino (fisherman), Matteo Volpotti (young friar Nicola). The body of dancers is rich, which also includes a reduced group from the success of Notre Dame De Paris and nine selected dancers from an audition in Calabria. They are Gianmarco Gallo, Danilo Picciallo, Marco Alimenti, Alfonso Maria Mottola, Alessia Falcone, Miriam Bonaccorso, Rossella Vassallo, Fabio Cilento, Alessandro Ruffo, Samuele Tiso, Federica Fata, Francesca Mandarano, Fabiola De Rose, Francesca Sagula, Giusy Iantorno and Ilaria Rametta.

The start of the set up of the gigantic stage of more than twenty feet in width is scheduled for Sunday, November 19, at the end of the Viola Basketball match. First show on Friday, November 24th at 10.30 am for schools; then in the evening at 9pm with the last two shows on Saturday, November 25th at the same hours. Tickets are on sale in Ticket Points (Reggio Calabria: B’Art, next to Teatro Cilea, tel. 0965332908 and Media World, Via Nazionale-S.S. Ionica, tel. 0965738211).

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