The Sila National Park is the star of “BorgoItalia”

Parco della Sila foto presa da www.vacanzecalabresi.itOn Sunday, February 4th, on a variety of digital terrestrial networks, which can be viewed from the comfort of your own living room, we’ll experience the beauty of the Sila National Park.

“BorgoItalia,” in episode n. 192, has in fact decided to visit the park, providing a comprehensive overview of all its attractions. The transmission, dedicated to the rediscovery of lesser known Italian places, named this episode “Il Grande Nord del Sud” (The Great North of the South), underscoring one of the most distinctive features of the park, linked to its ecosystems and the morphology of its territory.

In Calabria, the tv channels broadcasting the program are Reggio TV, RTC TeleCalabria, Rete3 DigiEsse, Italia2Tv, TeleDehon and VideoTouring. For a complete schedule, which also includes the channels of the other regions and the scheduling times, you can see  The transmission can be seen in replica, on some of the channels even through next week, until Sunday the 11th.

yescalabria_sila_02The program has tried to provide an overview that’s as broad as possible. History, art, culture, crafts and culinary traditions as well as nature, the many sporting activities and the trails and the scenery which were the protagonists of this episode on the “Gran Bosco d’Italia.” The presenter, Francesco Palmeri, spared no superlatives to describe the beauty of the protected area.

Do not miss this episode of “BorgoItalia” and perhaps take the opportunity to come and visit these unspoiled places in person. We are confident that after seeing the amazing views of the park’s landscapes, you’ll want to strap on your boots or snowshoes and come for a visit!

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