The photo amateurs’ “journey through the Marquisate”, on display at the Castle of Charles V


The photographic exhibition “Viaggio nel Marchesato” (“A journey through the Marquisate”), organized by the Gruppo Fotoamatori – The club of photo-amateurs –  of Crotone and promoted as one of the many events making up the Programme of the Town Cultural District, is open to the public at the Torre Aiutante since yesterday and will be on display every day of the week from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. until September 19.

There will be eighty pictures, all shot by members of the club as part of an ambitious project completed in 2012 and aimed at describing Southern Italy. Thanks to these images, visitors will be able to set out on a photographic journey through our Marquisate, discovering (or rediscovering) a few aspects of our social context that time does not seem to have altered, as well as analyzing, conversely, the effects time has on some contemporary societies. The shots are mostly “territorial portraits”, featuring typical landscapes of the area around Crotone, and also pictures of forgotten places. Rather than the photographers, the real protagonists of this project are the people from our region, both those who were met by chance in the streets of many villages of the hinterland and those who were “sought” and found in their own dimension.

Besides the exhibition, the programme of the Town Cultural District include other interesting events, such as the official presentation of Francesco Bevilacqua’s book “Lettere meridiane, cento libri per conoscere la Calabria”, that took place on September 1 at Palazzo Giunti and was followed Bollari. Memorie dallo Jonio, a theatrical performance written, directed by and starring Carlo Gallo.

On September 12 at 7 p.m., Palazzo Giunti will host Il Cacciatore di meduse (The jellyfish hunter) by Ruggero Pegna and with the musical accompaniment of Francesco Domenico Stumpo playing guitar and Francesca Loria on vocals.

On September 19 at 7 p.m., the same location will host Vito Teti’s public lecture titled “Terra inquieta. Per un’antropologia dell’erranza meridionale” (The troubled country: anthropological considerations on Southern errancy)

A complete programme of the events and information on how to take part in the featured initiatives can be found at: