May 14th Visit to Nido di Seta and Mulinum with Kalacalabria

On May 14th, the Open Community along with KalaCalabria will discover two Calabrian businesses aimed at the restoring and enhancing of traditions: Mulinum and Nido di Seta.

yescalabria_mulino_02In San Floro, just 15 minutes from Catanzaro, we will visit Mulinum in the morning and in the afternoon the cooperative Nido di Seta.

The Mulinum was started thanks to a Facebook crowdfunding initiative.  It stands on a 7-hectare farm that uses a hydraulic wheel which drives the grinding mills as was done 100 years ago, using only renewable energy.

It is the first mill used by peasants, who have been the largest supply chain specializing in the antique grains of Calabria: Senatore Cappelli, Verna, Majorca, Farro, Segale.

Yes Calabria sopke with them here: qui

After having lunch enjoying the Mulinum bakery products, there will be a visit to the Nido di Seta, where we will be introduced to the Gelsibachiculture supply chain and the ancient tradition of silk art in visiting the Silk Museum set in the beautiful setting of Castello Caracciolo. Wandering along nature trails, the Mulberry tree orchards and experiencing the breeding of silkworms during all stages, from cocoon to butterfly, concluding with the silk-processing process when from the cocoon the silk thread is extracted.

Yes Calabria spoke with a Nido di Seta here: qui

The participation fee is €40 for non-members of “Amici of Open”

€35 for those already in possession of a membership card.

Children up to 18 years, the fee is €25.

Children under the age of 6 the fee is €10.
The fee includes: guide to lunch at Mulinum, guide to the Nido di Seta, and bus transport.

Download the program here:  Programma san Floro

Info and reservations: 347 6229982

E-mail: opencommunityrc@gmail.