The 6th edition of the International Racing “La Normanna” of Mileto

Fast approaching is one of the most anticipated international running races in Italy. On August 12th, in Mileto is the Normanna, a competition that, very short time has reached its sixth edition and has conquered the hearts of many athletes, who are now faithful to the race of the Vibonese.

Organized by the A.S.D. MiletoMarathon in collaboration with Fidal, Coni Regione Calabria and ASI Calabria, the foot race was recently recognized by the organizers of the Marathon of Rome among the most important of the peninsula, not only for the efficiency of its organization, led by Salvatore Auddino who every year is able to demonstrate, also at the cultural level, that the “race speaks to the beauty, curiosity and history of the territory.”

The cultural value already expressed in the name of the race, as we highlighted in a previous article already published: “Normanna,” to establish a connection with the old Mileto, which became a “Norman capital” with Ruggero d’Altavilla who added the Abbey of SS. Trinity, the Cathedral, the Bishopric and the Castle. The ancient splendor may have been stolen away by earthquakes that hit the area, but the memory of the glorious past still lives on thanks to the remains of the archaeological site of Mileto, the only medieval park in Calabria. Located at a strategic point, Via Annia Popilia, today boasts the ruins of the Benedictine abbey on a hill and to the southwest, on another hillside, the citadel with the ruins of the Cathedral And the Ruggero Palace.

To pay homage to ancient Mileto, included in the medal, which will be awarded to the winning athletes, will be the wall recalling the ancient Norman abbey ordered by Count Ruggero Bosso.

Returning to the race, which takes place in the new Mileto, the 10km race course will take place on a circuit approved by FIDAL. For non-athletes and all those (including mums running with strollers) who intend to share the spirit of sport and socialization that animates the initiative, you can join the non-competitive race … and receive the medal! On the stage, however, the top three men and the first three women who cross the finish line will be awarded medals.

We invite you to participate in the event, even as spectators, to share in the pleasure of being in a place from the glorious past and motivated by the desire to “begin again” not only to run, but also to dream.

“To a 2017 without wars and full of great positive emotions” is the symbolic message on the official fanpage associated with the 6th edition of the race. While the latter is a tribute to the Kenyan athlete of Lucca’s “Parco Alpi Apuane” team, Thomas James Lokomwa, winner of Normanna 2016, who was lost due to a terrible road accident, the message sounds like a global call to live in respect for the value of sport which unites us, not divides us.

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