At the MArRC, two award ceremonies for area’s youth

yescalabria_marrc_04Culture meets young people at the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria. In the reception area of MArRC, with the picturesque backdrop of the Bronze Statues, there were two events yesterday dedicated to area youth: the awarding of certificates for the work/study program and the awarding of the winners of the competition on the historical identity of Reggio Calabria.

“Welcome back to all the young people who have experienced with us the thrill of reopening this museum” was the warm welcome of the museum Director, Malacrino Carmelo, who thanked all those who participated in the combined school work/study project, designed to train youths as museum guides.  Gratitude was also extended to all those who have participated in the initiative: the Fai, creator of the project “Apprentices – tour guides” awarded by the European Commission of “Cultural Heritage/our Europe Awards,” the Office of educational and teaching services of the Museum, and in particular, Giacomo Oliva and Vincenza Family members, who guided the young apprentices on the cognitive path of the museum.

The young, anxious, smiling participants, saw the ceremony bigan with the awarding of the winners of the photo competition launched in October 2015, for students of primary and secondary school in the municipality of Reggio Calabria. “This was the first event organized by the new directive – said Malacrino – to create a bond with the city.  A sign of passion and love for our history and our culture,” the director satisfied with participation: 5 schools with 95 photographic works submitted for the competition.  A surprise also in the mode of representing the territory, “we saw the vast differentiation of symbols chosen to represent Reggio Calabria.” Not only the Riace Bronzes and Aragonese Castle, but also innovative ideas.  Awarded were:  l’istituto comprensivo Diego Vitrioli – Principe di Piemonte; l’istituto comprensivo Catanoso – De Gasperi; l’istituto tecnico commerciale; il liceo scientifico Volta; l’istituto comprensivo Carducci – Da Feltre.  Special mentions went to several schoolchildren cited for their submissions.

The announcement of the winners was followed by the delivery of certificates of participation to participants of the work/study program. “It fills us with joy – stressed Malacrino – seeing the pride of our youth in presenting our history, in telling the heritage of their city.” To explain the project was a delegate of FAI Reggio Calabria, Rocco Gangemi. The museum guide apprentices this year totalled 280, busy as guides within the cultural centers proposed by the FAI of Reggio and within the province. In particular, at the museum of San Paolo; the Palace of the Province; the Municipal Art Gallery of Reggio Calabria; the States General of Culture and the Museum of Reggio.

Numerous institutions involved in town: the scientific high schools Da Vinci and Volta, the art school Mattia Preti/A. Frangipane; grammar school Tommaso Campanella; high school T. Gulli; Technical institute Econ R. Piria; the higher education institution, A. Righi. In addition, the higher education institution F. Severi/M. Guerrisi of Gioia Tauro that also includes the art school of Guerrisi Palmi; the languages high school Giovanni Paolo II di Gioia Tauro.

Trained by their teachers and by the FAI educational office of the museum – said Gangemi – students are committed to act as guides for thousands of visitors.  An important duty fulfilled by the tour guide Apprentices with preparation and enthusiasm, for which they are receiving much praise. ”

In addition to the cultural and personal experience, the participants earn valuable educational credit towards their educational goals.

Singing the praises of young guides was Giacomo Oliva, obviously moved, after the intense period alongside them. “They have participated in the course with interest and perseverance,” he said. “By knowing and loving the material they have been able to transmit” Oliva also reiterated that it was not just a theoretical path: the participants understand the importance of a warm reception, smiling and always elegant, demonstrating “real hope for the future of this city.” A witness to the importance gained through this experience gained were some of the young people who participated in the project, including Rosa Costantino of the high school Tommaso Campanella who was focused on the need to continue with these initiatives and the importance of “always being more involved in promoting of the territory. ” An experience recommended to all, was the unanimous comment of the young participants, proud to show their certificates.


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