The ASPROMARATHON: last stop for the amateur cycling World Cup

yescalabria_am_02Coming in October, the first edition of the “ASPROMARATHON,” a competition inserted into the circuit of the four races which make up the amateur cycling world cup in 2016.

Organized by Rolling Bike of Reggio Calabria, under the auspices of the Acsi, (Italian Association of Sporting Centers) headed by CONI and involved in promoting sport in all its disciplines.  The ASPROMARATHON will be the last of the races and the one in which the ultimate title will be awarded.

Falling over two days, the competition is the opportunity to get to know the Calabrian territory for fans of this sport.

In order to allow everyone an opportunity to seize the unique charm of our mountains, the race is divided into three levels: the Marathon for professionals, over a distance of 70 km characterized by a very hilly terrain; the Gran Fondo, a trail which is half the distance of the first racer and less difficult; finally, The Tourist, an excursion for those who want to enjoy the territory, within the show that nature offers.

“The race was born out of the desire of a group of friends, mountain bikers, to organize a competition to raise awareness of the Aspromonte, the quality and diversity of landscapes that change rapidly, passing from the sand to the land of harsh rockier areas, and also the city of Reggio in general”- explains the President of the Rolling Bike, Rocco Caridi, adding, “The goal is to create a mix between city and mountains because it emphasizes the importance of marrying together these two distinctive faces of our territory.”

For this motive, this Saturday will be dedicated to the discovery of the city of the Strait with the creation of a real village at the Lido.  It is here, on Sunday morning, where the gathering of cyclists entered in the competition will ride along with the ecological trail that will lead them to Pentimele hill, the starting point of the official competition.

“It’s a small drop to begin to fertilize and grow the Calabrian mountains” – said the president of Rolling Bike, which does not mask the enthusiasm the association has: “We are confident. We see a clear example in front of us: the Etna Marathon which each year attracts thousands of athletes, animating a village like Milo and contributing to the economic development of the area.”yescalabria_am_03

“Of course – he added – to organize a competition of this magnitude it is crucial that there is synergy and cooperation with local authorities, in particular, the Aspromonte Park, the Region and the Municipality of Reggio Calabria. We are working towards this direction, because the institutions mesh and are passionate about our project. A project for the community.”

The President wishes to specify that the goal is fun: “We are all professionals who work and have our usual commitments, but we are in love with the nature of this land, offering a unique environment in the world. A land that, when you’re cycling and you venture to the mountains, along trails that are not just paths, being often steep and rugged, you love them even more, and learn to listen and respect.”

To ensure the success dell’ASPROMARATHON, the Rolling Bike involved and obtained logistical support of clubs and motorcycle and car racing teams which bring together off-road enthusiasts.

Another important element, from an organizational point of view, the race is represented by the site: will be online in late March to allow everyone to have access to detailed information about the competition and more. You can download from the site the GPS track paths, to enjoy the race in total security and tranquillity.  A section of the site will be dedicated to families that accompany the athletes to find out what to visit in the area while awaiting the finish.

“Our hope – launched by the President of Rolling Bike – is that the ASPROMARATHON becomes an autumn classic.” The period was not chosen at random: “The Aspromonte turns into a riot of fall colors, the climate is temperate and not too hot or cold, in short, ideal for those who participate in this sport.”  Another motive that the President, as an entrepreneur, understands is: “this is a dead moment, touristically speaking, for the city … the ASPROMARATHON could ensure a good number of visitors coming to the city, actively contributing to slight shift in the tourist activity period.”