The Euromediterranean Festival of Altomonte has officially opened

L'anfiteatro di Altomonte
L’anfiteatro di Altomonte

On July 31 at the “Costantino Belluscio” Theatre of Altomonte (province of Cosenza), the 28th edition of the Euromediterranean Festival officially started. Under the artistic direction of Marianna Stefania Caporale and Andrea Solano in collaboration with the cooperative association “Officina delle Idee”, this festival is one of the most qualifying events in Calabria’s cultural landscape. As usual, this year’s programme will offer a great number of high-quality performances and host many nationally – as well as internationally – acclaimed talents.  The chief attraction undoubtedly is Massimo Ranieri’s concert, which is scheduled for August 17 and will follow the format of “Sogno o son desto”, the musical he has already proposed to the prime time audience of the RAI channels. Another much-anticipated appointment is “Tra Burle e Burlesque”, a comic performance by Manilo Dovì, long-time actor of the Italian bagaglino, which is going to take place on August 8. August 14 is Giobbe Covatta’s turn, with his “6° (sei gradi)”, a trip through the ages of history, attempting to picture what the future will be like with the aid of music and humour. On August 16, Gianfranco Iannuzzo is going to be on stage with “Recital”, a show featuring some of his long suits and a few excerpts from his new act, an attempt to describe the Italian character through its many dialects. The well-tested formula of the Notte Bianca – the White Night – is going to be revived on August, 10 with Calabrian sangria galore as this year’s special guest. Among this edition’s musical appointments, the concert of Mimmo Cavallaro and Taranta Project on August 12 deserves a special mention: it is going to be held in localitò Castello, its habitual location. The cloister of the Dominican Monastery will also host an exhibition by Giancarlo Caponi, titled “Pinocchio in Aspromonte” ad one of old musical instruments. As the organizers have explained «our aim is to turn the Festival of Altomonte into an extraordinary “catalyzer of Mediterranean energies for culture”; by developing new models and synergies, and by starting fruitful collaborations with other national and international festivals and with the University of Calabria, we aim to make Altomonte the hub of a network of cultural contacts and exchanges, a hothouse of artists and talents, a place where art and good food can meet»