Kickingoff the 1st Edition of Estate di San Martino

La locandina della I edizione della manifestazione“We begin to grow,” this is how the mayor of Castrovillari, Domenico Lo Polito kicked off this morning in the meeting room of the town council, speaking about the first edition Estate di San Martino, the food and wine exhibition of Pollino products that will illuminate the Castle Aragonese – in the historic center of the city-from the 11th to the 13th of November. The undisputed star of the event, strongly supported by the directors in promoting local food excellence and expose them to a wider audience, will be Novello wine, a particular type of wine obtained through the technique of carbonic maceration, in short-term release (found in fact on the market only in the months of November and December).  Purple with an intense aroma, ideal with chestnuts and sweets and to also kick off the tastings of newbies in the industry.  It will be staged for the occasion as the X Salone del Vino Novello of the South, whose director, the sommelier Tommaso Caporale, said he was “proud to be able to bring [the event] to Pollino, precisely because it is an event unparalleled in the rest of ‘ Italy.”  These three days not only provide events dedicated to the divine nectar, but also discussions of the development strategies of agribusiness in the presence of industry experts, including Fortunato Amarelli of the noted licorice factory of Rossano; the president of Coldiretti Calabria, Pietro Molinaro and the regional counselor, Mauro D’Acri; a scheduled conference with students on the theme of healthy and sustainable and food waste with Pino Boccia (responsible for Vas Calabria); Nello Serra, a member of the Cooperative “Don Milani” of Acri, dedicated to sericulture, and Maria Teresa Celebre of Calabria Maceri; and dedicated to our younger citizens, a meeting with the head of the Cosenza department of alcohology of ASP, Maria Francesca Amendola entitled “drink responsibly saves lives,” to educate the young about the informed and balanced use of alcohol.

…and that’s not all, because the good food and good wine will be combined with art, particularly that of Francis Senise in his exhibition on the colors of autumn, and with music thanks to the Toca Tango Duo of Christian Gaudenti and Camillo Maffia; the female vocal group Carillon, and the highly anticipated final concert of Povia, who returns to Calabria to promote his latest album “Nuovo Contrordine mondiale,” a “rebellious” work almost as much as the the Novello Wine, which comes in contrast with the more traditional wine types.  Not to miss is the wine tour of the Pollino, the guided tour through the use of vintage cars from the basements of the Park, to the awarding of the Prize “Pizza San Martino” the best pizza that will be made with ingredients of the culinary tradition of Castrovillari and typical of the area. The award ceremony for the “Best Vino Novello of the South 2016” will be held at 5:00 pm on Sunday in the presence of the institutional representatives.  Other events: tastings, workshops, show cooking brought to you by the Institute of Hospitality Castrovillari, conversation and aperitifs with music.