Art Exhibition “Young at Art” begins April 16th

Received and published.

For the fifth consecutive year, the MACA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Acri) renews its commitment to the promotion of young talent from the local art scene, with the travelling exhibition Young at Art, sponsored by the museum at the foot of Sila Greca and by the cultural association Oesum Led Icima, which handles and promotes events and exhibitions.

Saturday, April 16th, 2016, simultaneously with the major retrospective dedicated to the Master Max Marra, will be inaugurated the first leg of the 2016 edition of Young at Art, starring 10 artists under 35, originally from Calabria or Basilicata, selected from almost one hundred applications submitted to the preliminary competition. The title, BasiCally, in addition to being a combining of the names of the two regions, is an adverb in English, “basically,” and draws attention to the intangible essence, but clearly perceptible, that unites the Calabrian territory to the Lucan, both lush and varied, such as the artistic production essentially springing from them.

The approximately 30 works of the 10 chosen artists are on display in the space dedicated to the permanent collection of paintings and sculptures by the artist Silvio Vigliaturo, to form a dialogue with them.  They are a vivid reminder of the great variety of approaches and languages, a sign of fertility of the contemporary scene of the two regions.

The two photographers Francesco Cristiano (Cosenza, 1987) and Debora De Bartolo (Cosenza, 1985) place emphasis on two opposite ways of understanding photography, the first with his eye to the poetics of the sublime landscape traced in the charm of the places surrounding him, and the second, able to recreate surreal and mysterious atmosphere through delicate compositions in which the enigma is the presence of ghostly human figures with faces hidden.

The approach to painting by Antonella Malvasi (Pisticci, Matera, 1985), very friendly and cozy, made up of warm and sharp colors, search the childish origins in simple, universal objects and seem to oppose the geometric aerial views of seemingly endless space and the cold tones of night, which inhabit the paintings of Adua Martina Rosarno (Cinquefrondi, Reggio Calabria, 1990). Ettore Basentini (Power, 1992) and Annamaria Di Lecce (Matera, 1991) both explore the complex relationship between painting and sculpture, the first by a search of unusual textural supports and the three-dimensional shaped canvas of the pictorial space, and the second with painting on delicate, supple and undulating forms of its transparent sculptures.

For the first time, the project includes the works of Fiber Art, by artist Marta Cermak (Soveria Mannelli, Catanzaro, 1986): small and delicate landscape settings, playing with the viewer’s perception through in-depth development of different levels of minimal pictorial backdrops. The graphic works by Roberto Gentili (Cosenza, 1990) bring to life a dream and fairy tale imagery, where the blue of the water is the only color intrusion that amplifies the fluid and dreamy dimension. Rough installations Francesco Speciale (Cosenza, 1987), whose protagonist is the dark texture of wood, are custodians of elements with a strong ancestral symbolism. Valentina Ferrandes (Policoro, Matera, 1982) presents two videos investigations on the past and present of the wet lands of the Mediterranean Sea, their rites and their multiple identities, emphasizing the contradictions through a layering of images and sound.

The exhibition of the MACA, by Massimo Garofalo and Andrew Rodi, is the first of three legs from which will later develop, throughout 2016, the traveling exhibition Young at Art. The second leg will be held in Matera, at Momart Gallery, from September 10th to October 16th, 2016, originating from the partnership between MACA and ReBac (Network of Basilicata Contemporary Art), which was recently added the patronage of Basilicata Matera-Foundation 2019.  The third stage, as in past editions, will be held in early November in Turin, as part of Paratissima event.

Annamaria Di Lecce "ForMare"