Summer concerts begin: “Fatti di Musica 2016” in Calabria

locandine e manifesti paolo conte NUOVA versione con foto SNOB.iWe are at the starting line of the summer edition of “Fatti di Musica 2016,” the thirtieth edition of the festival of well known singer/songwriters, live in Calabria and organized by Ruggero Pegna.

After the opera “Romeo and Juliet. Love changes the world,” the spectacular of “Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo” and the concerts of Carmen Consoli, Sergio Cammariere, Alex Britti, Ezio Bosso and Fabrizio Moro, will be the turn for unique events dedicated to lovers of this genre of music, also in collaboration with other festivals. A sophisticated program that features mainly the city of Reggio Calabria and Diamante, in the province of Cosenza.

The first concert will be held July 24th at the Arena dello Stretto on the Lungomare of Reggio Calabria with the performance of the Israeli world music star Noa and his band at the opening of the second edition of “Let’s raise the curtain”.

“For this event – says Pegna – the Square will be transformed into an open air theater with numbered seats and limited availability. It is a unique concert and, of course, unforgettable also for the wonderful location.”

On August 12th, the caravan of “Fatti di Musica” will arrive in the wonderful Teatro dei Ruderi di Cirella Antica in Diamante with the only concert of the tour in Calabria 2016 “Amici Si” by Loredana Berte with her Band

“It is very likely – says Pegna – there will also be a surprise participant, one of the friends who participated in the realization of a new, beautiful album!” (Among which we recall Fiorella Mannoia, Paola Turci, Patty Pravo, Irene Grandi). On August 13th, space is left for the rap genre lovers with a concert by Gué Pequeno, who with the album “Santeria” climbed to the top of the best selling chart in Italy.  On August 16th, the last of the events planned in Diamante, a concert by Max Gazzè, arranged for “Otr Live.”

Including the collaboration with the “Festival dell’Aurora” of the Crotone Odyssea Foundation, with the concerts of Sergio Cammariere August 14th and August 26th of Avion Travel in the Amphitheatre of Cape Colonna.

In September, the festival will return again to Reggio Calabria, always in Piazza Castello, with the closing concert on September 9th and will see performances by some of the young and most beloved from the last edition of “Amici” including La Rua, Cristiano Cosa and Floriana.

All evenings are organized in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the municipality of Reggio Calabria. Tickets for paid events are available at Ticketone and usual ticket sales offices.

Tickets are available also for autumn events: from the concert of Sergio Cammariere, Danilo Rea and Gino Paoli on November 18th at the Teatro Rendano of Cosenza, to the show “Notre Dame De Paris” the 25th and 26th of  November at the Palapentimele of Reggio, with an original cast.

For all information about “Fatti di Musica Radio Juke Box 2016” you can call the organizational office (0968441888) or contact your website