Alforlab, developing a glue made with Calabrian pine bark

Good news from Calabria: a new glue is being produced by using the bark of the larch pine, a long trunked tree, typical of the Calabrian forest. It’s being developed at the University of Bern (in Switzerland) and in the public-private lab, Alforlab (PON Research and Competitiveness), a body that has been established to support the forest-wood environment chain in Calabria, which sees the National Research Council (CNR) – Department of BioAgroalimentari Sciences, whose articulation for Calabria is the Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Systems of the Mediterranean of Rende (CS).

The project is aimed at the extraction of tannins for the development of natural glues to be used in wood productions. These would be treated as innovative and ecological solutions regarding adhesion materials made with all Calabrian products. In fact, the laboratories of the Swiss university are achieving great results with shavings of larch pine bark from the Calabrian forests supplied by the Alforlab laboratory and by its private partner Fabiano Legnami, a company in the sector that operates in the Calabrian Serra.

“The procedure – the Alforlab laboratory has discovered – provides first for a drying phase for the shavings at about 70°C, then the extraction of the tannins from the bark that is used in the production of “fillers” in adhesive form, for woods products. This research and experimentation activities are part of the primary objectives of the project, including the implementation of advanced process and product innovations in the forest-wood chain.  Calabria is a land rich in forestry resources, but through the use of the same ones suffers from a technological and organizational gap with other regions of Europe that the lab wants to help fill. By training, transferring know-how, delivering the results of its research and experimentation to public institutions and industry.”