AlforLab presents prototype for traceability of timber from Calabria

The public-private laboratory, AlforLab, created to support the forest-wood chain in Calabria with innovative technology, presented a technical-management prototype for electronic traceability of Calabrian timber (infotracing). The tool that uses radio frequency (RFID) allows one to uniquely identify an object by means of a radio tag and register the data, (through smartphones or tablets) onto a dedicated web portal that documents the correlation between the product and the processing phase, from the tree to the finished product. The traceability also serves to develop dimensional and qualitative information on varieties obtained and to eliminate risks for operators.

For Calabria, which boasts the patrimony of more than 600 thousand hectares (predominantly chestnut, pines, white fir and beech), (40% of its entire land area), this new method of identification and traceability of woody products may be very important for the purposes of marketing and in the conquest of new markets.




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