Amarelli and Madeo at the Italian Factory Farms section of Eataly Bologna

Licorice and Calabrian lunch meat at the Disneyland of food in Bologna

There will be a piece of Calabria at the first Italian theme park dedicated to food. Some of the most prestigious Italian food companies will be present at the Italian Factory Farms section of Eataly. Among them, the licorice factory Amarelli and lunch meat producer Madeo.

La presentazione del progetto

FICO Eataly World will be put up inside Centro Agroalimentare di Bologna (CAAB). The main objective in setting it up was to enclose the whole cycle of Italian food production in it, from farms and factories to the table. A “Disneyland of food” – as its patron Osar Farinetti presented it at Expo – where Italian food companies (whether big or small), start-up enterprises and consortia will meet, hold workshops and illustrate the production process of their foods. With the supervision of chef Massimo Bottura, more than 40 companies have already been involved in the project, such as Lavazza, Venchi and Granarolo. All of them will have their dedicated space within an 80.000 square-metre structure, which will also feature the biggest photovoltaic system in Europe.


Representing the whole Italian confectionery industry, Amarelli will present visitors with a workshop on the transformation cycle of licorice, whereas the Madeo company from Cosenza will be present with their  Calabrian lunch meat.


FICO will be inaugurated between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. More than 6 million visitors per year are expected to turn up, and about 3000 employees will be taken in  to work at this park dedicated to food, nutrition and good eating habits.