“Andar per terra e mare” – a guide to the breathtaking botanical landscapes of Calabria

 “Andar per piante tra terra e mare. Escursioni botaniche sulle coste della Calabria” is the book by Calabrian botonist

Giuseppe Caruso, published by the German publishing house, Koeltz. Although the title could be misleading, the book will appeal not only to professionals, but to all lovers of nature and hiking.

Written in a pleasant way, rich with images, the publication is a guide to the landscape of Calabria, discovering enchanting and often unknown places bringing us closer to the wealth of our botanical heritage.

In addition to receiving the endorsement of the Italian Botanical Society and OPTIMA, (Organization for the Phyto-Taxonomic Investigation of the Mediterranean area), there is great interest at the international level where the book is gaining unexpected attention, considering it is written in Italian.

Available on Amazon and many other online bookstores, it has begun to be found at a number of institutional libraries, mostly foreign. At the national level, it is enjoying great success among specialists.

Finally, after having gone around the world, the book is in the spotlight in Calabria itself: in Catanzaro, a series of promotional events is scheduled, organized under the aegis of the Gutenberg Fair, to raise awareness of a little-known natural heritage, facts of botanical rarities and precious local plants exposed to risk of extinction.

A must-read, but at this time however, with the exception of the region’s capital, it is not available in the other provinces’ libraries. We hope that soon every Calabrian may have the opportunity to know this publication which deserves praise for bringing the charm of the Calabrian landscapes to the world.