The Bocconotto of Mormanno, protagonist in FICO

In the large park in Bologna dedicated to Italian agri-food, the identity product of Pollino was presented by its producers. A delegation of producers of the renowned Bocconotto di Mormanno presented the ancient gastronomic art to sector professionals as well as the food and wine critics.

They define the dessert treat of Pollino as something to be enjoyed in one bite. Prepared with pastry crust, either round, oval shaped or shell shaped, filled, as tradition dictates, by mostrada or cherry jam. In the most modern forms the filling can be figs and walnuts, apricot jam, cream or chocolate, raisins and honey. But beyond the stuffing it is recognized by sight and by its moist texture.

The Bocconiotto of Mormanno, the sweet gastronomic tradition of the Pollino, named for the city from which it came, which in recent days has been a protagonist in Fico, the largest park in Italy dedicated to agri-food, and wanted by Oscar Farinetti in Bologna.

A delegation of producers who  preserve and pass on the secrets of this ancient dessert of the popular gastronomy of Pollino have told secrets and stories related to the Bocconotto in the space dedicated to food identity of Calabria. In front of professionals of Italian gastronomic communications, experts in the field, and a large audience, the artisans unveiled everything that characterizes this product, which together with lentil, presents and tells Mormanno to the world.

“It’s a proud moment for our community to be able to speak about this sweet treat that represents us in such a prestigious context as Fico.

It is precisely starting from our agro-food excellence that we want to start for a major tourism marketing operation linked to the territory. Mormanno must be presented in the great scenarios of the sectoral communication through its goodness. The Bocconotto, as well as our lentils must be the flagship featured products we place in a larger framework of institutional communication, thus helping producers and companies that have espoused and valued our identity, to emerge on the national and international scene.”

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