Bringing villages back to life to promote Calabrian features


The association Borghi da ri…vivere (the name is a pun in Italian, meaning both “returning to live in the villages” and “bringing villages back to life”), which is presently being set up, has the main objective to promote the local architectural heritage, as well as Calabria’s food and wine traditions. On the next October 3, at 10.00 am, a preliminary meeting organized by the Calabrian department of the Foundation of Bioarchitecture will take place at the hotel “EcoBelmonte” in Belmonte Calabro (province of Cosenza). All the subjects involved in the project will attend. The meeting is aimed at discussing and defining the statute of the association, whose inspiring keywords are rehabilitation and renewal. Its activity of territorial promotion will be carried out in a context of eco-sustainability.

The foundation of “Borghi da ri…vivere” is part of a line of action pursued by the Calabrian Foundation of Bioarchitecture, under the regional coordination of engineer Giovanni Renda. The Foundation has worked on the territory for several years, focused on the promotion and in-depth analysis of themes related to environmental transformation and human needs, always sticking to the principles of safety, respect for the environment and territorial promotion.