Caciocavallo silano, prepared three ways – recipe

Caciocavallo silano PDO, ingredients and preparation for 4 people


360 g of Caciocavallo silano PDO, black pepper, a sprig of thyme. Season the caciocavallo and grill on a very hot plate on both sides, pass in oven at 150 ° C for one minute.

The sauce

375 g of fresh milk, 125 g of fresh cream, 10 g of butter, 10 g of flour, salt, white pepper and nutmeg, 30 g of caciocavallo cheese. In a saucepan pour the milk and cream, season with salt, white pepper and nutmeg. Bring to a boil and add butter and flour, continue to simmer. Continue to cook over a low heat, add the grated caciocavallo cheese and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

The froth

100 g of fresh milk, 100 g of fresh cream, 100 g of grated caciocavallo cheese. Boil milk and cream, add the grated caciocavallo cheese and mix it out of the heat to obtain a creamy mixture. Pour the mixture into the siphon adding 2 fillers.

The quail egg

4 quail eggs.

Cook the quail egg in sour water for 3 minutes, then cool in water and ice.

The asparagus

100 g of asparagus, 10 g of EVO, 6 leaves of marjoram, salt and white pepper. Clean the asparagus, brown them in a pan with oil and marjoram and season with salt and white pepper.

Black olive pesto

50 g of black olives, 5 g of caciocavallo, 1 g of thyme, 1/2 clove of garlic, 4 basil leaves, 4 tablespoons of EVO, salt and pepper. Pour all the ingredients into the blender. whisk pouring EVO flush to obtain a creamy mixture.

The cherry tomatoes confit

40 g of small tomatoes, 1/2 clove of garlic, a sprig of thyme, 2 g of lemon peel, 5 g of EVO, salt, pepper and icing sugar. Arrange the tomatoes on a baking sheet and sprinkle with all the ingredients. Bake at 80 ° C for about 6 hours, then store in EVO.

Composition of the dish

On the bottom of the dishes pour the sauce; on one side place the grilled caciocavallo and on the other side the froth and the olive pesto. Arrange the asparagus, the confit of tomatoes and the quail egg. Complete with shoots and a thread of EVO.