The Calabrian model that will represent the Italy in The Look of The Year 2017 in Ischia

Bright, spontaneous and so much, so determined. This is how Fabrizia Aliquò of Reggio Calabria, winner of the selection of models to participate in THE LOOK OF THE YEAR 2017 competition, the recognized international event linked to the world of modeling, which has seen the discovery of top models such as Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bündchen, Linda Evangelista and showgirls like Vanessa Incontrada, Nina Moric, Natasha Stefanenko.

The latest edition of the catwalk crowned a winner for personality, beauty and style – these are the criteria for the evaluation of the technical judging of the competition  “an authentic Calabrian” iis how Fabrizia defines herself, telling us about who she is and her goals for the future. Now, Twenty-one and from Reggio Calabria, after attending the scientific high school Leonardo Da Vinci, has decided to undertake the course of studies in management engineering. “I have always been interested in both engineering and the economy and in the end I found a path that incorporates both.” and has passed the exams to enter into University the Politecnico di Torino.

“Of course it is not easy to study and work at the same time – she admits to us in all sincerity – I had some difficulties, also because it’s work that you do at twenty years old .. not that you can not start at thirty!  It’s a world that closes quickly.  So I wanted to continue to give space to my passion for fashion, which I discovered by accident.”

How was that?

“Thanks to a friend of mine who created a line of swimwear, Giosì Beachwear,  and they called me to take some photos. The make-up artist, Dario Caminiti, noticed in me the potential and presented me to the organizers of the National Chamber of Young Fashion Designers. They began contacting me and, in the end, together with my friends, we created a group to work together.”

And how old were you?

“I was 15 years old … it was 2011. Obviously, when I went to Turin, I stopped. There was not much demand,” she confesses. “In March I decided to go back to Reggio for a year and I started working as a model”.

When did you decide to take part in the THE LOOK OF THE YEAR competition?

“In reality it was a hap chance sort of thing. A friend of mine suggested I try it. I did not think they would take me! I filled out and submitted the online form and was contacted by the organizers to participate in national selections.”

How would you define this experience?

“Amazing!. I left on my own and I found a family! – she reveals to us radiantly. I immediately became close with the organizers and with the participants. We were 52 in total, but they always followed us and made us feel at home. Usually, when we talk about fashion contests, we think of a false, hypocritical environment … for me it was a fantastic week, where I had fun and, above all, I got to know myself better!  Between courses of posture, photo shoots, you still have to learn to listen … and then there is the human aspect. It’s fundamental!  It was a growing experience!”

Did you think you could win?

“Absolutely not! When I arrived there, I saw that they were all very young and very beautiful. At twenty-one it was really hard … I felt old. This is why I consider it a huge victory,” – she smiles.

Are you ready to represent Italy in the world at the international finals in Ischia? In late October, right?

“Yes, at the end of October. There will be 6 of us, even if all the models present at the casting in Rome have expressed their willingness to come to Ischia to cheer us on. It seems to me a very beautiful thing that demonstrates the team spirit of the competition.”

“I have no experience in international fashion shows – she continues – but being able to participate is already a great success. I hope I can continue with my modeling career because I enjoy it and I really like being able to create the atmosphere required to give value to my photos. Of course I also want to study! If I could do both, it would be perfect! It will take more time to graduate – she confesses – but in the end, I’m managing my commitments first hand, no limit is is insurmountable.”

What would you say to your Calabrian peers who have your same dream in the drawer, but continue to leave it there?

“If you dream of doing something, you can do it.  Even at my age, I managed to achieve a goal that is important to me. The fundamental thing is to believe it … in one way or another, even if it takes time, if you do not give up, you can get where you want!”

We wish the best of luck to Fabrizia Aliquò for the upcoming international final in Ischia where she will represent, along with other finalists, Italy in the world of fashion, both for her career as a top model and as a management engineer.