Calabria amongst top ten regions in the world to visit!

Veduta da Capo VaticanoIn a recent ranking by the website Calabria re-enters into the top ten regions in the world to visit. The site, which translated literally sounds like “wild guides,” aims to “tell it like it is” in an accurate and updated way.  The description of our region appears in eighth position ahead of the only other two European regions that fall in the top ten: the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and León and the western isles of Scotland. The top post went to Alaska, but in a limited selection which includes regions from all continents, Calabria appearing on the list… you can’t be anything but pleased.

TropeaAs stated before, those who provide the descriptions are direct and explicit, depicting a friendly Calabria along the coasts and more awkward as you go inland.  It exalts the genuine food and hospitality of the people of the Mediterranean: “Homes heated by wood fires, organic farm-to-table food, local wines, uncrowded Mediterranean shores and unparalleled hospitality wait as a reward.” The special tour guide was created in 1981 when the then new graduate of the University of Bristol, Mark Ellingham, returning from a trip to Greece, came together with a small group to write a guide suitable for travellers.