In Calabria, the best covers of Charlie Hebdo on exhibit

For the first time in Italy, comes an exhibition on Charlie Hebdo.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 9th, at the Museum of Comics in Cosenza where the exhibition devoted to political satire magazine Charlie Hebdo will be inaugurated, a point of reference in the international scene.

In collaboration with the French editorial staff, the exhibition will be a valuable opportunity to re-read the facts and events of the history of Europe from 1970 onwards, through the irreverent and desecrating viewpoint of authors such as Coco, Riss, Luz, Charb, Chaterine, Tignous , Honore, Reiser, Gèbè and Wolinski.

An intense activity the weekly publication of Charlie Hebdo, which however was forced to close in 1981 because of poor sales, only to reopen in 1992 under the direction of the journalist Philippe Val and then later, the cartoonist Charb, killed during the terrorist attack of January 7th, 2015.

In these years, Charlie Hebdo has always represented and invited the designs of some of the most famous cartoonists in France, including Georges Wolinski, one of France’s most famous satirical cartoonists of the past half century, and also victim of the attack.

On April 9th, in addition to the opening of the exhibition to the public, the Calabrian Museum of Comics invites Marika Bret, editor, and Coco, designer, of the French magazine since 2009; the latter taken hostage by terrorists on the day of the attack, managed to save his life after witnessing the murder of his colleagues and Georges Wolinski and Cabu.

During the meeting, to be attended by Paul Butturini and Carlo Maria Parisi of FNSI, there will also be the presentation of the posthumous book of Charb, the historical director of the French publication and a tireless defender of freedom of speech, titled “Laugh, for God “- Piemme Publishers.

To accompany the two editors of the French magazine, starting from 5.30 pm, there is a busy schedule of meetings and performances, a tribute to freedom of thought and expression, offered by local artists and musicians.

The activities of the Museum of Comics are organized by Cluster Società Cooperativa.

The exhibition of Charlie Hebdo was realized with the patronage of the Institut français d’Italie and the National Federation of the Italian Press.

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