To Calafiore and Bolignano the “Anassilaos” Award

A selection of notable Calabrians received the coveted award for accomplishments earned over the years in various disciplines. Former president of Viola di Recalcati and the current director of ACI Rc were tributed for their commitment to sport and community outreach. This year we saw a renewed, prestigious event for the awarding of the Anassilaos San Giorgio Awards: a tribute given for extraordinary professionalism or entities of the province of Reggio Calabria inspired by the patron saint of the city, instituted in 1999 by the late Italo Falcomatà. In the actual church dedicated to the saint on horseback with the holy shield, they were thanked for their various work towards the development of and presenting the best image of the territory. Among these, the current director of the Automobile Club of Reggio Calabria, Dr. Donatella Bolignano, who has earned the award for her continued commitment to sport, community outreach and culture. The professional from Reggio has shown an immediate and particular commitment in carrying out her current role in the important institution dedicated to the protection of motorists, distinguishing herself through the organization of a revival of events on four wheels, interlaced with moments of cultural and social diffusion. A different and rewarding change for the territory, for  which she has earned a special commendation and recognition. Her commitment is now turned to the complex organization of the historic hillclimb Santo Stefano-Gambarie, absent on the calendar now for six seasons, which will return to the stage between June 24th and 26th on the legendary route of the Sp7, travelled over 60 years by the grand champions of each generation in road racing, not just Italians. In addition to the race itself, don’t miss the related activities, artistic and gastronomic offered by the Aspromonte area, and strongly supported by Dr. Bolignano.yescalabria_premio_anassilaos_2

Another special tribute to Franco Calafiore, a person well known in the city of the Bronzes, for his long and prestigious adventure with Viola Reggio Calabria in the period of its heyday, at the turn of the 80s and early 90s. Alongside famous players and a great coach like Carlo Recalcati, Calafiore had the extraordinary ability to convey the best image of company affiliation and reflection of the city with precise and sober communication, effective in further enhancing the organization at the time, earning the attention of the national media for their sporting achievements and the warmth of their fans. Franco Calafiore is considered a true historical figure in the three meter loop of Reggio Calabria.We mustn’t forget his long experience as managing director of the Magnetic Resonance Center in Reggio, noted for efficiency and professionalism, which earned recognition in the famous newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, including it among others of  industry excellence around the central and southern basin.

Other award winners were Attorney Albino Barresi and Prof. Alessandro De Santi (Una Vita per la Scuola), Prof. Antonio Gatto for La Ricerca ed Economica, Dr. Antonino Scaramozzino for Medicine, Attorney Maurizio Condipodero,  Dr. Antonino Laganà,  Dr. Umberto Laganò for  Sport, Maestro Giovanni De Benedetto for Music and the Domenico Cambareri and Aldo Moncada for their socio-cultural and artistic efforts, and lastly, the Comprehensive State Institute Diego Vitrioli-Principe di Piemonte, as an institution of fine learning.