Scallops with aubergine tempura, oil-braised carrots and raspberry sauce

Yield 4 servings


For the scallops:

160 g scallops (about 4)

10 g extra-virgin olive oil

3 g garlic

3 g thyme

4 g sprouts

Heat a large pan and add the extra-virgin olive oil, crushed garlic and thyme. Fry the garlic until it browns, then put the scallops in the pan and saute them until golden brown on both sides. Season them with salt and black pepper and finish cooking them in the oven at 170° for 1 minute.

For the aubergine tempura:


120 g flour

80 g corn starch

40 g beer

20 g yolk

salt and white pepper to taste

Mix the flour with the starch, then add the yolk, drizzle the cold beer over the mix and stir it with a whisk. Add salt and pepper and let it stand in the fridge for at least 3 hours.



200 g aubergines

50 g buffalo mozzarella

1 g oregano

2 g garlic oil

10 g parmesan cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Cook the aubergines in the oven  at 160° for about two hours, then remove the pulp and put it into a perforated container and let it stand to drizzle in the fridge for 3 hours with a weight on it. Squeeze the mozzarella and cut it into tiny pieces, then add it to the aubergine pulp together with oregano, garlic oil and grated parmesan cheese. Finally, season it with salt and pepper. Use a spoon to make quenelles out of it, dip them in the tempura and fry them.

For the raspberry sauce:

10 g scallion

20 g butter

5 g cane sugar

10 g cognac

1 g thyme

2 g mint

1 g bergamot orange peel

150 g raspberries

50 g vegetable stock

Chop the scallion and brown it with butter, then add the thyme and raspberries; fry until golden brown, then pour sugar on it, let it caramelize and flavour it with cognac. Let it evaporate, than add the vegetable stock to it. Let it cook for a few minutes, blend it with the mint and strain it.

For the oil-braised carrots

200 g baby carrots (about 8)

200 g extra-virgin olive oil

2 g thyme

2 g grained pepper

3 g garlic

5 g bergamot orange peel

10 g bergamot orange juice

salt to taste

Peel the carrots and place them in a small pot together with the oil, bring to 85° and pour them into a small basin. Finally, add all other ingredients.



For the composition:

Coat the plate edge with two dribbles of reduced balsamic vinegar, then pour the raspberry sauce onto the centre. Lay the carrots with the scallops on top of them on one side of the plate and the aubergine tempura on the other.

Finally add the sprouts, some raspberries and a dribble of extra-virgin olive oil.