Record year for the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria. January 6th, the children’s festival for the Epiphany

yescalabria_marrcA boom in visits to the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria for the extraordinary opening  in the New Year. With 3643 visitors, the MArRC exceeded even the Uffizi in Florence (with 3489 visitors), placing itself among the most visited Italian cultural places. “A great success – says Director Carmelo Malacrino – certainly not only due to the free entrance initiative conducted by MiBACT #domenicalmuseo.”  Many visitors in fact were attracted by the temporary exhibition opened on December 22nd entitled “Nomisma. Reggio e le sue monete,” curated by Malacrino and Daniele Castrizio, professor at the University of Messina.  It offers an opportunity to travel back through the extraordinary ancient and medieval history of the city through the presentation of more than 150 coins in gold, silver, and bronze and electro, many of which are being exhibited for the first time. The exhibition, open until March 31st, with the regular entrance fee is coupled with a second temporary exhibition by the MArRC, dedicated to the theme of navigation in ancient times.

It is also time to take stock of 2016, a year that on April 30th saw the MArRC inaugurate all of its exhibit spaces after seven years of closure. “It was the first objective under my direction – continues Malacrino – a goal achieved with the commitment of all the staff and talented restorers, but also with the support of the Regional Secretariat of MiBACT, headed by Dr. Salvatore Patamia.”

The year ended with record numbers: more than 210,000 visitors, of which more than half were paying customers, seeing an increase of 35% compared to 2015.  Profits more than doubled in regards to the revenue from ticketing, which had been around €304,000 in 2015. “The MArRC – said the Director – confirms its strength as a great cultural and tourist attraction of Calabria and the area of ​​the Strait, but also its character as a dynamic museum, welcoming to people who allow themselves to be surprised with each new visit. These results were also obtained with the rich program offered by the Museum during the year, including over a hundred events, including exhibitions, conferences, presentations of books for children and other initiatives.”

Dedicated to the young visitors is the day of January 6th at the Museum. While other visitors enjoy the Christmas music while admiring the exhibits, children (accompanied by adults) can interact with the collections of the Museum having fun with Enig-MArRC. From 10am to 1pm will be distributed 200 free satchels with many games aimed at kids of preschool and elementary school age.

Then during the weekend, with the support of the volunteers of the Touring Club, you can also visit the archaeological site of MArRC, the Hellenistic necropolis, from 9am to 1pm and Sunday from 4pm to 10pm.


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