Una Carezza di Vento: a sneak preview in Reggio Calabria

yescalabria_unacarezzanelvento_01Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 8:45 pm at the Cinema Multiplex Lumière, the first self-produced film by Reggio’s own Bartolo and Pino Laface, and Rocco Barbaro as part of the cast.  Una Carezza di Vento (A Caress of Wind), set not by chance during Easter week, is the story of three missing resurrections: that of Mimmo Lo Trozzo, former successful singer, seemingly accomplished, but through deception and abuse of popular belief.  A character haunted by bad luck and by his own mistakes, and yet stubbornly creative in finding a way out. The other two resurrections, those of Luke and of the Holy uncle, are impossible for different reasons. Luke has a destiny marked by family misfortunes, and from belonging to a clan headed by a bizarre boss, and while his other associates weave a macabre plan to swindle the boss and open a luxury shop in Romania, he is instead overwhelmed by a sensitivity that he can’t let go, which indeed it collapses in the terrible awareness of his own defeat.

Meanwhile, Santo has missed his train, even if he thinks he can get the next one at the same stop thirty-five years later. Rarely, however, life offers one second chance.  A fisherman-poet, saint, the Luke’s uncle is from a turbulent past. He lives alone in a seaside village, and while trying to save his nephew from criminal context to which he’s gravitating, dreams of regaining a great lost love of his youth. A feature film, very well assembled without rhythmic breaks, embellished with music and high quality photography, shot in the unsurpassed beauty of Calabria. An intense and touching story that deserves to be seen.  A cast of high profile actors: Rocco Barbaro, with twenty years of domestic film and television experience, in programs like Zelig.

As seen in this very popular program, the Calabrian veteran plays a very similar role to that in the film, willingly accepting to be part of the production, not failing to enrich it with his many improvisations, the offspring of his vast recitative and recognized database. Gianfranco Quero, of Messina, starred in the ensemble film “Shock” and has worked with directors such as Joseph Losey and Mauro Bolognini. Pino Torcasio, has been working in film, while Saverio Malara, back from a quarter century tour of important theatrical and film productions, also of national character, has declassified the status of his crystalline talent, much like acting as an expression of his mimicry.  A sign to other actors, even those without significant experience that legitimized their presence with a performance that does not betray their failed memories.