Carne di Razza Podolica – raw, cooked and stewed

RECIPE – Ingredients and preparation for 4 peopleyescalabria_podolica_01


Raw – Tartare

120g sirloin, 2 g lemon, 1 g thyme, salt and pepper, 8 g of EVO, 4 quail eggs, 10 g of white vinegar, 1 g of fresh bean sprouts.

Season the meat, using a knife to cut in all ingredients; Meanwhile cook the eggs in salted water with vinegar.



240 g veal fillet, 2 g of garlic, 2 g of rosemary, salt and pepper, 20 g of EVO.

Brown the meat with all the ingredients, finish cooking in the oven at 180° C for a few minutes.



400 g of calf’s cheek, 20 g of celery, 20 g of carrot, 50 g of red onion, 2 g of garlic, 1 g of rosemary, 200 g of red wine, quart of vegetable broth, 40 g of EVO, salt and pepper.


Gaglioppo sauce with thyme

50 g of brown stock, 300 g of red Gaglioppo wine, 2 g peppercorns, 15 g shallots, 5 g of thyme, 1 bay leaf.

Reduce the red wine 70% with all other ingredients and then add it to the brown stock.



400 g of spinach, 20 g of EVO, 2 g of garlic, 1 g of fresh chili pepper, salt and pepper.

Brown in oil the chili pepper and garlic and add the spinach. Cook for a few minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly.


Compact potato

400 g of potatoes, 4 g of rosemary, salt and pepper.

Peel and wash the potatoes. Cut into slices and arrange them in a baking dish. Season with salt, pepper and rosemary and cook in the oven for one hour at 150° C.


Tomato sauce and ‘nduja

50 g of red onion, 3 g of garlic, 2 g of basil, 30 g of EVO, 50 g of ‘nduja, 250 g of cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, 5 g of sugar.

Gently brown the onion, garlic and a part of the basil in oil. Add sugar and let caramelize slightly. Add ‘nduja and tomato and cook slowly, season with salt and pepper.


Sweet and Sour Red onion

300 g of red onion, 225 g of water, 175 g sugar, 175 g of red vinegar.

Cut the onion into small wedges like petals and steam cook in vacuum-sealed bag with all the ingredients for three minutes.


Composition of the dish

At the base of the plate, pour the sauce ‘nduja then the three variations of meat. Place the potato and spinach on the sides along with the onion petals and dress with the sauce Gaglioppo, completing with thread of EVO.