The 8th edition of “The Springtime of Italian Cinema” in Cosenza

The 8th edition of the Festival La Primavera del cinema italiano is taking place these days in Cosenza and will close on November 14th. This year’s programme is rich in multi-media workshops and debates; Jasmine Trinca, who will be present at a meeting in piazza XX settembre (Cosenza) on Saturday, November 7th, is one of the most important guest stars from the Italian film scene. The Federico II award will be assigned to this year’s winner during the final event. Francesco Munzi’s widely acclaimed “Anime Nere”, certainly could not be missing the programme: indeed, it will be the first movie to be screened. What is new in this edition is a short-movies competition open to Calabrian directors and filmmakers: all films must be on the theme of food and wine culture and their running time must not exceed 5 minutes. November 12th, 8.00 pm, is the deadline for applicants to hand in the DVDs of their works at the Citrigno Movie Theatre. Directors can choose to present works in which one particular kind of Calabrian food is examined. As prescribed by Slow Food, they can address the following themes: dry figs and their transformation, citrons, the lemons of Rocca Imperiale. All shortlisted works will be judged by an artistic panel and screened at the Citrigno Movie Theatre on the following day.

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