Cosenza amongst the finalists for the Premio Smau Napoli 2015

Calabrian town awarded the title of “innovative city” for The BoCS project

The “innovative city” of Cosenza is among the finalists of the Premio Smau Napoli 2015 for “The BoCS” project.

This important event, which will be held on the 10th and 11th of December in the capital of Campania, for fifty years promotes and shares the best examples of innovation, awarding during his national roadshow, industry excellence for the sector able to prove that with the right project, innovation is possible.BoCs

The innovation challenge does not include only Italian companies but also public administrations. Enhancement of historic and cultural heritage sites, sustainable and safe mobility, and energy efficiency are some terms of this challenge. For this Smau has also thought about the Premio Smau Napoli 2015 celebrating the unique experiences that are making our cities more and more “smart.”

The selection of the Calabrian town precisely regards the “Smart Communities,” bringing to the podium the project of artistic residencies The BoCS (the box of contemporary spaces).

Inaugurated last July, The BoCS “Residenza artistica Cosenza 2015” is a project – credited within the international network “Air, art in residence” – promoted by the Associazione culturale “I Martedì Critici” and curated by artistic director Alberto Dambruoso in collaboration with the Municipality and the Province of Cosenza.

It is an open platform to constructive dialogue with the community. A space within the city, on the riverfront of Via Dante Alighieri, an impromptu theatre with workshops, performances and debates.  Starring thirty Italian and foreign artists working in Italy, spanning different generations. Many artistic pursuits, ranging from painting to sculpture, from photography to installations, from performances to video installations, in order to give the public the widest range of what today are the technical and expressive processes most practiced by contemporary artists.

“I am very honored by this result – said the mayor of Cosenza, Mario Occhiuto – After numerous awards that have been given in the field of waste recycling, now expanding with satisfaction the scope of our ‘smart’ activities to differentiate ourselves on a national level in services for tourism and historical, artistic and cultural enhancement. The BoCS Art is a unique example of its kind. These eco-friendly wooden houses, after only a few months, have already become a crossroads of international creativity. A place of reference of European and International contemporary art, in fact, for everyday artists who here find themselves in an environment ideal for the expression of their own qualities. An exclusive place, that of the Dante Alighieri riverfront, south of the city where you live amongst contemporary architecture and contemporary art.   More so a setting inserted in a natural landscape with an original urban identity in what is the historical center with its inhabitants. Where there is innovation – concludes Occhiuto – there is progress, economic growth, social and cultural development and innovation can only feed off a creative environment.”