Cosenza and the myth of King Alaric, Monday, July 18th on Voyager – Rai Due

Foto da will be an episode dedicated to many fascinating stories about Southern Italy, as the transmission airs of Voyager, conducted by Roberto Giacobbo, July 18th during prime time, on Rai Due.

At the confines of knowledge, the search for truth in legends and fantasy, there will be room to bring to national prominence the myth of King Alaric, at the center of a large tourist-cultural project promoted by the city of Cosenza.

“In the images aired next Monday, the presenter will explore a cave, difficult to access, near Cosenza, Calabria – or so it reads in the description posted on the official website of the transmission – looking for clues related to what could be the greatest treasure of the story: the treasure of Alaric. It’s just a legend?”  The questions posed by Voyager authors stimulate the curiosity of viewers regarding this story that has already attracted media attention around the world.

Alaric, Cosenza and much more, therefore, by Voyager, the confines of knowledge, Monday, July 18th, at 9:15 pm on Rai Due.