Urban friendly farming

The Local Council of Cosenza and Coldiretti have launched a project of city farming dedicated to schools. Its main objective is to create a small market garden in every school of the area for the cultivation of crops to be sold within the local distribution chain. It is an initiative aimed at educating young people to the culture of environmentalism and bio-diversity, good food and healthy eating.

Launched in collaboration with the foundation “Campagna Amica”, the Cosenza segment is part of a wider national project called Orto amico in città – Urban friendly farming.

The products grown in each school’s market garden will be useful resources for quite a number of food services, including canteens.

The regional president of Coldiretti Pietro Molinaro declared that the creation of a market garden in each school of the area represents “a small investment which is sure to bring its fruits”, aimed at spreading the culture and knowledge of the so-called “short food-distribution chain”.

The Councilor in charge of urban economic growth Loredana Pastore also announced that, starting the next week, on-the-spot inspections will be set up in every school to verify the feasibility of the project and availability of spaces to be turned into market gardens.

Furthermore, Cosenza will soon host a weekly street market, managed by Coldiretti, for the commerce of local food.