From November 12 to 14, the musical opera “I promessi sposi” will make a stop at the Palacalafiore of Reggio Calabria

From the whole of Calabria, schools and educational institutes are booking seats for the premiere of the musical opera “I promessi sposi”, (The betrothed) based on Alessandro Manzoni’s masterpiece. Set up by the director Michele Guardì, this colossal production will be on stage at the Palacalafiore of Reggio Calabria from november 12 to 14. Bookings are coming in by the hundreds at the Show Net offices managed by Ruggero Pegna, the official promoter of the event. The most requested shows are the two 10.30 am matinees on November 13 and 14, that are specially dedicated to schools.

This spectacular new production of the musical is part of a programme of events sponsored by Expo 2015 and the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. It will open in Milan on October 2, and then move to Padua, Reggio Calabria, Bari, Naples, Palermo and Rome.

The Calabrian dates wll be hosted by the biggest, most receptive structure in the whole region. There will be three afternoon showings: at 9 pm on November 12, 13 and 14 and two matinees for schools, at 10.30 am on November 13 and 14, at the special price for students of Euros 13,50.

The powerful performance, lasting two hours and a half, will be carried out by an exceptional cast, featuring some of the most important names from the Italian scene of Musical Opera: Graziano Galatone as Renzo, Noemi Smorra as Lucia Vittorio Matteucci as the Unnamed, Rosalia Misseri (who also played Esmeralda in Notre Dame de Paris) as the Nun of Monza ”, Giò Di Tonno as “Don Rodrigo”, Salvatore Salvaggio as  “Don Abbondio”, Brunella Platania as “Agnese”, Enrico D’Amore as “Egidio”, Lorenzo Praticò as “Griso”. Three players will play two roles each: Christian Gravina (Fra Cristoforo – Cardinal Borromeo), Chiara Luppi (Perpetua – Cecilia’s mother) and Vincenzo Caldarola(Quibbleweaver – Count Attilio). An exceptional corps de ballet will complement this remarkable cast..

“The new production makes it an even more exceptional performance,– says Ruggero Pegna – and the Palasport of Reggio is the only structure in Calabria where it could be set up, as was the case of Notre Dame de Paris and the Divine Comedy. An event not to be missed, featuring a praiseworthy cast and the collaboration of prestigious names and brands”.

Besides Michele Guardì (the director and writer of the show), the prestigious names include: Pippo Flora for the music and musical arrangements, Luciano Ricceri for the stage designs, Luciano Cannito for the coreographies, Alessandro Lai for costumes, the renowned goldsmith Gerardo Sacco for Crotone, who provided all jewel props, Marco Macrini who planned out the light schemes. The Symphonic Orchestra will be directed by the conductor Renato Serio. Besides having contributed as a as a musical consultant through the editing phase, the songwriter and musician Sergio Cammariere, yet another Calabrian star, will be present as a pianist.

“I Promessi Sposi” in Reggio Calabria will close quite brilliantly the 29th edition of “Fatti di Musica Radio Juke Box”, an event featuring the best of contemporary music ,created by Ruggero Pegna, with the partnership of the European Community and the Regional Office for Cultural Events and in collaboration with Reggio’s Office for Cultural Events. The show will be awarded the prize for this year’s “best production”.

The tickets are already available at any Ticketone office, as well as on-line at and The evening showings will come with a special 15% discount when sold to parties of 25 or more people, whereas the matinees carry a special price for students of Euros 13,50. Tickets are sold to schools exclusively through the Organization Office (at the ph. number 0968441888 or e-mail addresses


Useful Information

Prices of evening showings (all seats are numbered): € 39,50 stalls and lower central gallery € 34,50 lower side gallery and upper central gallery, € 29,50 curved sector, € 24,50 upper side gallery. 15% discounts for parties of at least 25 people.

The matinees will come at the special price of € 13,50, exclusively for school parties. To book and buy tickets in the SCHOOL and GROUP DISCOUNT price range, call 0968441888 or write to: .


Ticketone offices on the regional territory

REGGIO CALABRIA: B’art Garibaldi a fianco Teatro Cilea, tel. 0965332908, New Taxi Garibaldi n. 330, tel. 0965332383; Media World, Via Nazionale-S.S. Ionica snc – Tel.0965738211, Poste Shop Reggio Calabria Centro, Via Miraglia 14 – Tel.0965738211;

CASTROVILLARI: Dany Music, Via Mazzini 57/A – Tel.098127084;

CATANZARO: Ricevitoria Rotundo, Via della Stazione 28/30 – Tel.0961752097;Media World, Viale Emilia – Tel.0961719511, Poste Shop Catanzaro Centro, Piazza L. Rossi 1 – Tel.0961503296;

COSENZA: Inprimafila, Via Alimena 4/B – Tel. 0984795699, Poste Shop Cosenza Veneto, Via Vittorio Veneto 59 – Tel.0984819313;

DAVOLI MARINA: Check Sound, viale Cassiodoro 25, Tel. 0967572505;

GIOIA TAURO: Travel Street, Via Sicilia 5 – Tel.096652802;

LAMEZIA TERME: Show Net Uffici Pegna, Corso G.Nicotera 237 – Tel. 0968441888;

LOCRI: Persephone Viaggi, via Garibaldi n. 30, Tel. 0964232172;

RENDE: Media World Cosenza (c/o C.C. Metropolis), Via Kennedy snc – Tel. 0984848111.

SIDERNO: Diano Viaggi, via dei Salici n. 4, Tel. 0964381397.

On-line booking and selling at . INFO: 0968441888