From the Bolshoi of Moskow to Reggio Calabria, bringing ballet to Calabria


A life dedicated to ballet dancing! Swetlana Kozlova, a ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet, the repertory company of the famous theatre of Moscow (one of the most renowned on a global scale) has been dancing since a very young age. Her talent was immediately recognized by her teacher, who encouraged her to set about a professional career. As a ten-year-old, she entered the Academy of Ballet in Moscow and, once her studies were over, she was called by the Bolshoi. “Ballet dancing is passion going hand in hand with continuous training: it is physically and psychologically demanding, but it is also a way to open up your mind, giving you the opportunity to discover new cultures, get acquainted with them, enhance your humanity through constant travelling”. Thanks to her continual travels with the company, Swetlana first came to Reggio for a performance at the “Francesco Cilea” theatre. It is right here that she has understood that ballet dancing is a still little-known art form, whose real significance is obscure to the community: “ballet dancing is not only sheer movement, but it turns our bodies into the means of teling a story”. Having found love here, Swetlana has decided to embark upon a new project: spreading the culture of ballet dancing here in Calabria, with Reggio as her starting point.

“Not everybody knows that ballet was born in Italy, even though it was developed elsewhere as an art: in France first, and then in Russia”. “My ambition is to get people to understand the beauty which lies in the conveyance of a message through facial and body expression”. For this reason, she has decided to open a ballet dancing school here – because passion needs to be fueled from a young age – and she is hoping to bring her company (the Moscow State Ballet) to perform in our region in the near future. “I took part as a ballet teacher in a quite interesting event this year, the Mediterraneo Dance Festival, and I am going to bring my Russian colleagues and their pupils to next year’s event on the Strait of Messina”.  This is how she is planning to encourage people’s passion for the Russian ballet, hoping to foster the knowledge of this magical art, which brings the gamut of human emotions and the poetry of a universal language on stage.