From August 11th to 13th, a Festival of Electronic Music taking place amongst the most suggestive spots on the Calabrian coast

yescalabria_somewhere_03Pizzo Calabro, Tropea and Parghelia are without a doubt some of the most charming places of the Tyrrhenian coast. From August 11th, these places with their crystal clear waters and the unspoiled nature which surrounds them, will become the setting for the second edition of the SOMEWHERE FESTIVAL, a traveling festival which, through the language of cutting edge music gears towards the rediscovery and promotion of touristic and cultural of places suggestive of Calabria.

Three days, August 11th, 12th and 13th, each with its own identity and set in a specific location. Unusual places, not commonly used to host concerts and performances, but for this reason even more fascinating. From the Murat Castle in Pizzo, to the cove of Parghelia where the waters circle around Santa Maria Island in Tropea. Among the acts are bands and DJs of national and international prominence in the music scene. Celluloid Jam

The first meeting on August 11th will be on the beautiful terrace of the castle of Pizzo, with YOMBE and CELLULOID JAM, two of the bands revelation of the last year in Italy, able to mesh pop and electronic music in a new and futuristic way. Along with them will be EEGO, created  by Calabrian sound designer Antonio Castellano, and lastly the DJ-set of FABIO NIRTA. On August 12th, we move to an exclusive location with the schedule yet to be announced. On August 13th, the beach of Parghelia prepares to welcome the music and sounds of some of the protagonists of the Italian culture club, from LINO PUGLIESE, DJ and producer with the many important collaborations on the international house scene, to CHRISTIAN RUSSIAN and NICODEMO, protagonists of numerous important events in Milan (Body Heat, the Cannibal, Tunnel Club, Staffish), arriving finally to CHAOS MODULATION and RAFFAELE CHINAGLIA, shaking up the evening for years now in Calabria.

SOMEWHERE is a project of the ASSOCIATION SATURNALIA, begun in Milan in 2015 through the initiative of a group of young students, workers and entrepreneurs from Calabria in the field of events and culture. The idea behind Saturnalia is to create alternative forms of tourism, rediscovering and re-qualifying places little known or neglected. Concerts, electronic music, cultural events, art, are the languages through which the association wishes to express itself.

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