Tomorrow in Cittadella the presentation of the first agricultural chain certified by Campagna Amica di Coldretti

yescalabria_evento-campagna-amica“La Calabria buona si muove”  (Calabria on the move), is much more than a slogan: it is a way of being in which the positive experiences of the territory create synergies and identify a path toward a common goal. It means sharing, but it is also means the understanding of the good that our territory can and will deliver. ” Carmelo Basile, CEO of the Fattoria della Piana, comments on the start of the collaboration with Campagna Amica di Coldiretti.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8th, all the details will be explained at a press conference to be held in the Sala Oro della Cittadella Regionale of Catanzaro Germaneto, at 11am,  the presentation of the first Calabrian agricultural chain certified by the Campagna Amica Coldiretti: moderated by the Head of the Press Office of the Regional Council Oldani Mesoraca, and getting into the substance of this new synergy, Governor Mario Oliverio, President of Coldiretti Calabria Peter Molinaro, the head of Fattoria della Piana, Carmelo Basile, regional manager of Campagna Amica, Peter Sirianni and President of UE COOP Calabria, Gianluigi Hyerace. Following the Fattoria della Piana will offer a tasting of its products.

Products from Candidoni (Rc) crossing the ocean to arrive in the homes of Americans: 200 thousand pounds of Calabrian pecorino cheese a year are purchased by the largest private food import business in the US, the Atalanta Corporation, for distribution in the domestic market.

The company’s owners, Tom and Andy Gellert, when they were visiting the Fattoria della Piana in mid-October – along with masterchef Victor Rallo who made an episode of his highly successful US program “Drink! Eat! Italy!” decided to expand to other products, such as olive oil, and its own supplier for the US market. Soon there will be another very important visit for the food and wine sector: that of Kroger, a well known American supermarket chain, who want to initiate a direct link with the products of Fattoria. But the company from the plains of Gioia Tauro, despite having built an overseas connection, continues to look to the region where it operates as a reference area, and to innovation as a core essential for a successful entrepreneurship.