Autumn Equinox: from the top of the Normanno Svevo Castle of Cosenza, an astronomical journey of stars and constellations

yescalabria_osservatorio_01Thursday, September 22nd, on the occasion of the autumn equinox – when the daylight hours are equal to those dark – from the surrounding walls of the Normanno Svevo Castle of Cosenza, starting at 9pm, the association of amateur astronomers “Menkalinan” (Beta Aurigae), under the auspices of the local Administration, organize a trip down the Volta Celeste: paths traced with laser pointers between stars and constellations that recall the ancient greek-Babylonian myth, planets and galaxies seen through professional telescopes.

The observational evening – that makes use not only of the members of “Menkalinan” but with the contribution of students who have obtained a doctorate in “Visual Astronomy” – will be introduced and edited by Francesco Plastina and Franco Piperno.

” … Io questo ciel, che sì benigno
appare in vista, a salutar m’affaccio,
e l’antica natura onnipossente,
che mi fece all’affanno…”
G.iacomo Leopardi