Expedia and Yes Calabria team up to bring the beauty of our region to the world!

Calabria according to Expedia.  The most important online travel agency in the world has entrusted to Yes Calabria, as a reference guide to the region, the organization of itineraries in the discovery of the environmental and cultural of our region.

Everything started with an e-mail received in April from Australia to our e-mail address. An agent from the agency who is working on creating an Expedia online travel guide to get to know the world’s tourist destinations was asking us “to help” in planning a visit to Calabria, from the permission to photograph cultural assets from the various provinces in the region, to the selection of symbolic places to see. In essence, they had taken us for a travel agency!

What to do? It doesn’t happen every day that you receive this type of email from across the globe. An e-mail that now provides you with an amazing opportunity to bring visibility to the wonders, history, and culture of your land, making it visible to the world through the portal of one of the leading online booking agencies.

We are not a travel agency, but the request became a mission of ours to “let the world in on another side of Calabria, what progressive steps we’ve taken, and its charm…”

And so? We accepted in good faith and after a phone call, we got down to business. It was not easy to select the places to visit in just 10 days, the time frame that the photographer was available, who was coming from Canada, reaching our region in May. Calabria is long, indeed very long and scattered with small jewels embracing the mountains all the way down to the coast.

In the end, we selected for each province various emblems of culture and history, but still aware that it was only a small taste: an aperitif of Calabria!

A cocktail based on the scents of our Mediterranean shrubs, the fresh sea breeze, the humus of the national parks and the ancestral roots of Hellenic, Byzantine and Romanesque cultures.

Soon you will be able see Calabria, by Expedia, on their website. Meanwhile, we’ll give you a sample of this extraordinary tour in our own gallery.


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