“Expo e Territori”: the Art of Nourishing. Appetizers at the museum

A programme of events related to archaeology, contemporary art, music, theatre and the local agricultural production will be held at the National Archaeological Museum “V. Capialbi” of Vibo Valentia from October 4 to 31.

The theme to all events, under the artistic direction of Marilena Morabito, is The art of Nourishing. The subtitle chosen to highlight the common element of the evening events of October 4, 10 and 17 is Appetizers at the museum. During these three soirées, finger foods prepared by students from the hotel-management schools of Paola and Vibo with products offered by local producers will be the special freebies handed to visitors.

The exhibition Foodstuffs and Archaeology, curated bythe museum manager Fabrizio Sudano in collaboration with a group of archaeologists from Vibo and the museum staff, will be mounted in three different rooms. Finds from diggings in the area of Vibo will be put on display and organized into sections: Foods for rituals, Natural foods, and Foods on the table.

Alongside the classical items and in perfect keeping with the general atmosphere, works of contemporary art by the artists Antonio Schipani, Francesco Gabriele, Francesco Barilaro and Santo Caglioti from the Materia collective will be part of the exhibition.

On the occasion of the National Day of Families at the Museum on Oct. 4, there will be a theatre show for all children and their families, followed by a press conference, the opening party of the archaeology exhibition and the presentation of contemporary art installations at 5.00 pm. At 6.30 pm, the first tasting of appetizers will take place, accompanied by a lecture held by doct. Valeria Merano (an archaeologist specialized in the ancients’ eating habits), followed by a violin and harp concert organized by the Conservatory Torrefranca of Vibo Valentia and the performance of a play titled Federico Il me written by D. Loddo. This rich programme will be complemented on Oct. 10 by another tasting of appetizers accompanied by a jazz concert and a show titled in Milonga, with the participation of Sasà Calabrese and Salvatore Cauteluccio. On Oct17, there will be the representation of a play titled Le figlie del sole (presented by Mediterranea Teatro), a video screening session at the museum and the closing concert of the event.

The initiative is the result of the collaboration between Regione Calabria, the Regional Office of MiBACT, the Museum Network of Calabria and “Expo e Territori”, and has benefitted from the operational aid extended by the local administration.

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