“Give us a room!” In Polistena, a world camp for social innovation

At the multipurpose centre “Padre Pino Puglisi” people and associations will hold together for a project of sustainable development  

How can we turn goods confiscated to the mafia into useful resources for the population? By means of an experience of shared planning. It is the concrete answer to the above question, aimed at creating an opportunity for development and rehabilitation in the South of Italy.

 “Fateci spazio!” (Give us room!) is a 2015 World Camp which will take place in Polistena (province of Reggio Calabria) from September 13 to 16. It has been organized by the foundation “Il cuore si scioglie onlus” and by the cooperative association Valle del Marro – Libera Terra and will be open to young people, students and start-uppers. Its main objective is to share ideas on how to put abandoned areas and buildings to good use, in an attempt to trigger off a process of social renewal.

It is a by now yearly appointment, which will be hosted this year by this town of the Plain of Gioia Tauro, at the multipurpose centre Padre Pino Puglisi, located in a building that was confiscated to ‘ndrangheta.

This year’s programme, which has been planned out in collaboration with Fondazione con il Sud, the cultural association Mammalucco, la Parish of Santa Maria Vergine in Polistena e and the LAMA agency, goes from September 14 to 15. During these days, all participants will be made aware of the procedure which leads to the reassignment of confiscated goods, as well as informed on the ongoing projects devoted to the renewal of these locations. Much room will be also given to those who have already embarked on such projects, as well as people who have witnessed cases of social innovation in Southern Italy.

On September 15, the 22nd anniversary of Father Pino Puglisi’s death, the multipurpose centre dedicated to him will be officially  inaugurated. The president of Fondazione con il Sud Carlo Borgomeo and don Luigi Ciotti will attend. The centre will be managed by don Pino Demasi, the local representative of Libera.

The multipurpose centre, whose restoration was also made possible by the project “Liberamente insieme (with the collaboration of Fondazione per il Sud, il Cuore si scioglie onlus and Enel Cuore), is currently hosting the third health centre of Emergency in Italy (as well as the first Calabrian health centre where free care and assistance are extended to the poor and the immigrats in the Plain of Gioia Tauro).

It certainly is an important date, when people and associations will team up to promote concrete change through the retrieval of abandoned spaces, which will be finally made free and given back to people.