Tonight! The Fort of Pentimele hosts its first major event after the restoration

Tonight, August 2nd, the Fortino di Pentimele (Fort atop Pentimele) dresses up with Jazz, hosting the Migrants of Nicola Sergio concert as part of the Paleariza Festival.

It is a first for the fort since the important conservation restoration work was completed, which has given new luster to the fortifications on the slope facing Reggio and desired by King Umberto to preside over the Strait of Messina and whose upgrading is expanding with strong impetus to the entire hillside by the local administration led by Giuseppe Falcomata.

The Councilor for the Valorization of Cultural Heritage, Irene Calabrò invites the citizens:

“With thanks to the synergy with the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, we will host at the Fort an event of the Paleariza Festival, a jazz piano concert that will begin at 10:30 pm in the hills of Pentimele. I therefore implore all citizens not to miss this opportunity, and to take advantage of the availability of the shuttle service that will meet guests at the Serpentone.”

Regarding the Fort in Pentimele, the people’s interest is very much alive regarding the fate of fort. Councilor Calabrò continues:

“Tonight’s opportunity is a trial run in regards to the potential of the location, but other small events are expected during the summer season which we will communicate soon. I take this opportunity to respond to the citizens who are often interested in the Fortino’s fate. It was not possible to ensure a continuous opening of the site, even with current restrictions affecting use of the access road, but small events are expected to allow you to experience the potential of the Fortino, and future events will be in the name of civic participation.”