Giacobbo and the VOYAGER troup in Campana

The famous Stone Elephant of Campana could possibly be the largest complex of prehistoric sculptures in Europe. What lies, in fact, at the foot of the Sila Greca could be the Elephas Antiquus, which became extinct 12,000 years ago. To confirm the fascinating thesis of architect Domenico Cosentino CANINO are the tusks size: 180 cm, partially mutilated, if entirely rebuilt would measure roughly 220. The same measure of a fossil found in Reggio Calabria.

To retrace theses and hypotheses about what in fact is the identity marker of Campana and one of the most mysterious attractors of the Calabrian ionic backcountry, was Roberto Giacobbo, author and television host VOYAGER – AI CONFINI DELLA CONOSCENZA, the famous entertainment television program, broadcast on RAI 2 since 2003, dedicated to alleged unsolved mysteries, the so-called mysterious archeology, ufology, the paranormal, mysticism and pseudoscience in general.

The two huge boulders, between stories and legends, recall and re-invoke an elephant and a Cyclops probably dating back to prehistoric times, sites in the locality of INCAVALLICATA of Campana, which continue to evoke mystery and attract visitors, the curious and scholars.

To accompany Giacobbo was the Mayor, Augustine CHIARELLO who yesterday (Wednesday, 8th of June) welcomed and guided the RAI crew during the filming.

The Elephant of stone – said the Mayor – may also represent for Campana, Italy and Europe an effective agent for tourist attraction. Along with the Fiera della Ronza, concluding with great success on June 7th and now in its 553 edition in 2017, it is the other identity marker in which we will continue to invest energy, ideas and resources to build and share effective local marketing strategies. The objective remains to intercept tourists and lovers of identity, of the landscape and mystery and help create opportunities for economic growth and eco sustainable development, promoting our heritage, regenerating our town centers in the country hotel and halting the serious emergency depopulation of the entire Sila Greca and mountain centers.

The VOYAGER episode dedicated to the Elephant of Campana will air Monday, July 18th on RAI 2.

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