The European Heritage Days in Calabria

On September 19 e 20, four events of territorial promotion

On the next Septmber 19 and 20, four events will make up the Calabrian programme of the European Heritage Days. This year too, the Monuments and Fine Arts office will take part in the initiative organized by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture and by that of Tourism to promote our region and improve the knowledge of many characteristic and culturally significant sites.

On Saturday, September 19, from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, there will be a guided tour of the Park of the Virgins of St. Chiara and of the  Cattolica di Stilo (a famous Byzantine church in the province of Reggio Calabria). It is a way to inaugurate the church after its recent restoration and the opening of a new access path.

“Beauty and Dilapidation. Troublesome restorations” is the title of an event programmed for September 19, from 8.00 pm until midnight, during which the Laboratory of restoration dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi in Cosenza will be open to the public, and a guided tour of the ruins of the Benedictine monastery of Sancta Maria Ancillarum Dei, adjacent to the monumental complex, will take place. Experts from the Architectural Office will describe the recently “rediscovered” little basilica, while restorers from the laboratory will talk about a few issues they are dealing with in the ongoing restoration of a painting by anonymous Master from Naples, which dates back to the 15th century.

Two events titled “The distribution chain of food-resources in Calabria” will focus on the interrelationship between  regional foodstuffs, local architecture and popular culture. The first appointment, which is scheduled for September 19, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, will be a guided tour of the Tonnara of Bivona: an old tradition of tuna-fishing in the coastal towns near Vibo Valentia has marked the territory with a number of industrial complexes that, although they are nowadays abandoned and waiting to be reemployed, remain historically significant features of the area in which they have been built. The second event will take place on September 20, from 10.00 am to 6 pm: a guided tour of the Mills in  the Valley of River Gallico,  near Reggio Calabria. In the past, the innumerable bodies of water running through the territory of Calabria allowed the diffusion of water-powered mills that rapidly became a precious resource for local economy. Even though the advent of electricity made them fall out  of use, they can be considered important monuments of industrial architecture, made all the more interesting by the fascinating landscape at the feet of the Aspromonte where they can be found and of which they still are a distinguishing feature.