Red tuna and caviar

Yield: 4 servings


400 g red tuna

40 g zucchini

 5 g pine nuts

  30 g extra-virgin olive oil

    1 g thyme

  20 g black caviar

20 g red caviar

  10 g caper berries

    2 g sprouts

    2 g ginger

    2 g lime peel

2 g garlic

Marinate the tuna fish for a few minutes with ginger, lime peel, pepper and olive oil. Cut the zucchini separately into small dice and add salt, pepper, garlic, pine nuts, grinded lime peel and olive oil.

For the avocado cream:

120 g avocado

  10 g extra-virgin olive oil

    1 g wasabi

    3 g lime peel and juice

 salt ad pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together and blend them, then filter the mixture.

For the soy sauce:

100 g soy sauce

     3 g lime juice

     2 g  ginger

   10 g extra-virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients and emulsify the mixture.

The final composition:

Brush the base of the plate with avocado cream, then lay the tuna on it and sprinkle it with soy sauce. Place the already-seasoned zucchini on the tuna and add caper berries and red and black caviar. Finally, add the sprouts and a drizzle of olive oil.