CONFACIT requests that more human conditions be granted to prison inmates

A living room and recreation room for children will be added to the Penitentiary of Siano

As proof of their commitment to the foundation of a Smart Solidarity Community, the Confacit association of Catanzaro announced that they will allocate funds to help create more human conditions and significant life quality improvement for prison inmates.

The president of the local division, architect Teresa Gualtieri, and the national vice-president, attorney Antonio Narnia, have recently met doct. Angela Paravati, governor of the Penitentiary of Catanzaro, and doct. Letizia De Luca, coordinator of the educational section, for the planning of .concrete actions.

Besides book donations, the organization of recreational events and a contest for the creation of nativity scenes, the shared programme aims at the realization of a recreation room for children who come to visit their dads at the penitentiary.

The spokespeople of Confacit were led through a visit of the scruture and have already singled out a space apt to be adqautely furnished, so as to make children feel at home, in a familiar reassuring environment.

During the meeting, one of the discussed themes was the imperative of taking into account the emotional sphere of those who are deprived of their freedom,  and of mitigating the trauma experienced by children who see their fathers imprisoned: the underlying principle to this necessity is the conviction that the attention dedicated to these children will result in their not trying to emulate illegal behaviors in the future. Conversely, if these prevention measures weren’t taken, children would even be likely to grow up to consider the forces of law and order as their enemies.

The walls of visiting areas will be decorated with mural paintings.

The members of Confacit are also planning medium-term actions to be carried out for the improvement of the penitentiary, such as setting up a music library, as they have the firm belief that that music could be useful in the rehabilitation process of convicts, helping them reach a state of serenity and balance, also by virtue of its being a universal language, regardless of the listeners’ mother tongue.