On the Island of Capo Rizzuto, a week full of concerts, theater performances and film screenings.

yescalabria_isolacaporizzuto_01Puerto Felix, Theatre Ebasko, Poverarte Festival and Laboratory Social Afrobeat are pleased to invite you to a wonderful week full of concerts, theater performances and film screenings, all inside of the pleasant location of Camping San Paolo, in the Island of Capo Rizzuto.

From July 24th begins theatrical workshops held by the bolognese company Teatro Ebasko, all detailed information to register and participate see qui.

During the same period will take place the social laboratory of Afrobeat music, for more information see qui.

For the overnight camping prices visit the website sito

The evening program:

July 25thMC manifesto palmine

Film Screening – MARE CARBONE, Gian Luca Rossi, director present (80′, 2015) camping san paolo 4

Discussion follows with director

July 26th

Projection – FUORIGIOCO, David Vigor (61 ‘, 2015)

Live – BRIGADE SOUND (Jazz Afrobeat)

July 27th

Theatre – Entertainment DE’ CANOVACCI, part 1. Of the company Teatro Ebasko

July 28th

Live – DEDA WORLD QUARTET (world ethno-jazz)

July 29thlocandina fuorigioco web

Theatre – Entertainment DE’ CANOVACCI, part 2. Of Ebasko, MC company manifesto palmine

July 30th

Live -BRUSCO (reggae)

July 31st



Margherita is originally from Calabria and is eight months pregnant. In crisis, she decides to return to her roots and finds that, on the site of an abandoned factory, an Italian-Swiss company intends to build a coal-fired plant of 1320 mega watts. What will happen to the place to which she feels bound? What will be the health risks and environmental consequences? So she began to investigate the territory and its contradictions, discovering to she knows far less than she expected.


Maurizio Schillaci, cousin of the famous

Totò, is a player who has it all: fame, money, women, cars. But a sports accident jeopardizes his career making him plunge into the maelstrom of excess. Today he lives in an underground cellar in Palermo, immersed in the crowd. What comes after the success? Loneliness.


With this performance the company Teatro Ebasko involves the audience in the same game of the Teatro thanks to the improvisation of the actors, who do a parody of the famous works that often weigh down the great national theaters: the public will recognize the main works of Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, a Midsummer night’s Dream, Julius Caesar, etc) and will have fun, with the actors, to see the words distorted and recited in an everyday language.

The main thread of the show is the Critic: nine young actors “play a game with parts and roles” interpreting various characters, but they are observed by a critic, ever ready to scrutinize or judge their “misinterpretation”, and who wants at all costs to give an assessment, emptying the theater of its artistry.